1000 Lb Sisters Lipstick Alley

The 1000 Lb Sisters of Lipstick Alley

Despite being a duo, the 1000 lb sisters of lipstick alley have not been the most stable of bedfellows. A recent bout of mononucleosis and a recent bout of sexy equilibration has left them in need of a resuscitation. With a bit of luck and some tinkering they could be made sexy again in no time at all. For starters they have to find someone to replace Philip, which sadly isn’t that easy. The best part is they aren’t confined to the bedroom. They have the benefit of being able to make the bedroom their own office. On the flip side they have to share the space with their mates. This nitty gritty task makes them the perfect duo for a small group of friends. They have a secret mission. Fortunately they aren’t the only ones in this bind. The rest of the family will have to wait for a bit. This is a good thing because the best friends are the best of the best, and you only have so many in the house.

The 1000 lb sisters have been a tad elusive for the past few months, but they have been seen more than a few times. They have been making their rounds to various locales, but the oh so good aren’t averse to a good nosh or two, or three. They have even been known to make a surprise appearance at their mates’ soirees.

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