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Survivor Season 14 – A Mixed Bag

Survivor season 14 was a mixed bag. There were some great episodes and some less so. The first three episodes were great, but the last episode was disappointing. While the two main characters of the season, Rob and Phillip, were very dominant, there was a lack of mystery. Most of the vote-offs were telegraphed and a twist on Redemption Island took the life out of a Survivor moment.

After losing the Immunity Challenge, the Ravu tribe split into two. Anthony and Rocky were viewed as weak and obnoxious, and they clashed. The two were voted out, and Rocky went back to his original tribe. However, the remaining members of the Ravu tribe, including Lisi, formed a strong alliance. This alliance was ultimately effective, as the remaining tribe members were able to keep track of each other’s whereabouts.

Surprisingly, the season finale was unpredictable. The Survivors were divided into two factions, but no one seemed to take the “Haves Vs. Have-Nots” twist personally. It was one of the most creative decisions in Survivor history. Although the cast was mostly unlikable, there were some memorable moments, such as the moment when Skinny Ryan and the Outcasts recreated the “Die, Jerks” bandana.

The Has-Nots twist was introduced to Survivor season 19. It was widely regarded by many as the worst. For four weeks, the castaways lived on a beach. Some castaways had built a camp with precut wood but they had to build it again. In one episode, Moto won the furnished camp, while Ravu had to start over with only a machete and pot. The winner of the episode’s Reward and Immunity Challenge won pizza and a night at the Survivor sanctuary.

Another major demerit of season fourteen was the lack of dramatic moments. While voting was often confusing, there was not enough awe-inspiring moments to make viewers jump in their seats. The survivors need a compelling reason for their support. This was not the case in this season. It was almost as if producers were celebrating the franchise, rather than making the season a true competition. However, the cast of the season was incredible.

The final six players played Immunity challenges to win a truck after a dramatic Reward Challenge. Dreamz and Yau-Man made a deal at Tribal Council, but Yau-Man’s idol made it difficult for Dreamz to keep the deal. The final immunity challenge, played at Tribal Council, was the key to the winner’s elimination. A new alliance was formed, and the tribe decided to remove a familiar face.

The remaining tribes selected their representatives for the journey after the challenge. Danny volunteered for Luvu, JD for Ua, and Yase chose Xander. During the long walk, the tribes became closer. They then faced the decision of risking a vote. Xander chose to risk his vote and was awarded a bonus vote. Ricard was a bit disappointed but agreed to vote Sydney out. The game ended with a new leader.

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