2017 Nickelodeons Not So Valentines Special

2017 Nickelodeons Not So Valentines Special Trailer

The Nickelodeons’ 2017 Not So Valentines Special combines a love story and a comedy about the origin of the holiday. Nickelodeon’s stars are invited to the Cupid headquarters to discover a plot to destroy Valentine’s Day. Now it’s up to the Nickelodeon superstars to save the day and restore love to the world. In this romantic comedy, the Nickelodeons stars take on the roles of superheroes and heroes to save the day.

This festive special features tons of your favorite Nick stars, including Hannah Montana and Taylor Swift. This special is not available for streaming in the US but is available online at Nickelodeon’s site. Check out our exclusive trailer below and watch the special! Don’t forget to tune in this weekend! We hope you enjoy the 2017 Nickelodeons Not So Valentines Special It’s sure be a big hit!

The special is the result of a collaboration between Nickelodeon’s biggest stars and Cupid’s evil plan to destroy Valentine’s Day. The Nickelodeons’ Not So Valentines Special premiered on February 13, 2017, and lasted for one hour and 43 minutes. Nickelodeon’s other stars are also part of the team.

The Nickelodeons’ Not So Valentine’s Special premiered on February 12th, 2017. The event featured a music video by the stars of the network’s Christmas special. JoJo Siwa guest-starred. The show was produced by Kevin and Heath Shuster and directed by Matt Reilly. The Not So Valentine’s Special is sure to be a fun and entertaining show for the whole family.

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