3and2 Baseball

3and2 Baseball is a USSSA-Sanctioned Facility

3and2 Baseball is the best baseball training facility in Kansas City. This facility is the largest in the city, and it is USSSA-approved. You can make payments online and find out who is on the current Who’s Inside? list. They also have links to registration pages. To register, you’ll need a valid USSSA sanction number for 2022.

The facility is three-level and covers more than five thousand square foot. It also includes a 1,500-square foot gym and four full-sized batting cages. Membership is available year-round, and 3&2 Baseball’s goal is to stand out among other indoor training facilities. With so many similar facilities, 3&2’s one-touch app makes it easy for you to reserve the time slot that works best for you. The app lets you reserve the cages and save your login information. You can also pull up the schedule for next week. 3&2 Baseball’s app also includes notifications from within-app notifications.

If you are donating to a specific 3&2 baseball team, consider making a donation that will help them improve their facilities. During the season, they can use these funds to purchase new bleachers, pitching mounds, and other ground-keeping equipment. The 3&2 Baseball Club of Kansas City also needs new fencing and scoreboards. Regardless of the amount you donate, you’ll help these youth baseball programs continue to thrive in Kansas City.

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