4 Ink Master Contestants

Ink Master – Season Four Winners and Losers

Season four introduced a new elimination challenge where the winner of each tattoo challenge nominated another artist to be eliminated. Scott Marshall, the last contestant, won with a multicolored back tattoo and surreal images. Unfortunately, he died of an accidental drug overdose at age 41. Ink Master was a intense reality show that you should watch more than just watching. Here’s a look at some of the contestants who have won and lost during the competition.

Jason Clay Dunn, a veteran of season three, returned to the fourth season of “Ink Master.” His tattoo was a Japanese-style cartoon depicting a girl riding a Tiger. After winning the title, Dunn opened his own tattoo shop. His tattoos are some of the most loved on the internet. He is not yet a household name despite his popularity.

Another of the women to make it onto Ink Master was Sarah Miller. She started off as a runner-up in season two and was then the human canvas for the show’s season three finale. However, she was late to the finale, which caused controversy. Ink Master was later cancelled, but Cleen Miller returned as a judge in season eleven, where she mentored a team that won the competition. She also appeared on the third season Ink Master: Angels but didn’t win.

Halo was the first winner. Scott and Ashley were the second and third finalists. King Ruck’s tattoo had shaky lines and an awful design. And Roland’s cat tattoo was memorable, but his knowledge of tattooing was far from impressive. Despite the controversy surrounding the show, its popularity remains high and it’s credited with introducing people to tattooing. The four contestants in the fourth season’s “Ink Master” still have a lot to prove their skills to a live audience.

Cee Jay Jones, a veteran contestant, was the only one to make it to the finals. He had been tattooing for 15 years, but had never won any tattoo competitions. However, he managed to win the show on his second appearance. He was eliminated in the first round but he continued to make mistakes throughout competition. Unfortunately, he did not make it to the finals.

Scott Marshall, the fourth season’s winner of “Ink Master,” was tragically found dead in his hotel room one year after his death. The autopsy determined that he had died of a heroin and benzodiazepine overdose. This was a terrible loss for an artist who had aspired at being the best in the industry. The loss of Scott Marshall has affected the entire tattoo industry. Many tattoo enthusiasts will be sad to hear about Scott Marshall’s dedication and hard work.

Ink Master producers have a solution. Season four will include three new tattooists, and two previous contestants will have the chance to win big. The season finale will feature a human canvas jury. The winner will receive a special title called “Ink Master.”

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