9-1-1: Lone Star Red Vs. Blue

“9-1-1: Red Vs Blue” Review

“9-1-1: Red vs. Blue” has become one of my favorite shows to watch on television. This season, I was especially excited to see how the police and firefighters on the show would get along. It seemed like a lie that one side would win. The episode turned out to be much more interesting than I expected. Rather than being a simple sausage fest, it turns out to be an emotional and educational lesson in how to work with others.

The show’s ending is devastating for fans of Gwyn and her character. Gwyn’s death comes at the right time for T.K. Carlos and Gwyn, who recently reunited with their firefighter family. The game has been changed by the deaths of Owen and Gwyn. It’s not about the competition anymore, it’s about love and family. Gwyn was the most beloved character on the show.

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