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90 Day Fiance – Is Ariela Weinberg Pregnant?

Viewers have been curious about Ariela Weinberg’s pregnancy and her relationship to biniyam-shibre while watching 90 Day Fiance. They wonder if Ari is pregnant and whether Leandro is the father of her baby. They also want to know if Bini is the father. Let’s take a look at some of the answers. Also, find out what’s going on with Ari and Bini’s relationship.

Ariela accuses Bini of cheating her during the first episode. Bini denied the allegations but Ari’s actions forced her to move to Kenya. While Ari is worried about losing his son, she is also anxious about losing her relationship. After all, it’s her first time losing her partner, but she still has to make up for years of rejection and pain. On the third episode, she tells her viewers that she will not go back to Ethiopia until she gets her visa.

Although Ari hasn’t spoken about having another child, she mentions feeling sick and feeling nauseous. Leandro Fosque, Ari’s ex-husband, suggests that Ari might be pregnant in the latest episode. After Leandro Fosque makes his statement, Ari is shown holding a pregnancy test. But until then, fans will have to wait.

In the ninth episode, Ari and Bini are reunited and have a baby. Bini has been feeling sick and unwell since the start of the 90 day saga. While Leandro has offered to take her to the drugstore, she’s unable to drive to the store. In the meantime, Ari decides to go back to bed. After the first episode, Ari was feeling hopeless and confused about life and had no idea what to do with her newfound freedom.

The relationship has been troubled throughout the series. They are uncertain of each other’s commitments. Ari was concerned about taking over Bini’s rent on the day they met in Ethiopia. However, they have married and are now living in the U.S. for the sake of Avi’s surgery. Although it may seem crazy, Ari and Bini continue to be in a relationship despite their insecurity.

Since moving to the U.S., Ariela’s and Biniyam have faced controversy in their relationship. The couple got engaged but the show has yet to reveal the date of their wedding. Ariela’s brother Bradford posted photos of the wedding to Instagram. Ariela is left to wonder if Biniyam is her father more than her mother. In reality, it’s very likely that the couple will tie the knot.

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