90s Homecoming Dress

What to Wear to Your 90s Homecoming

You may be pondering what you should wear to your 90s homecoming, but you aren’t sure where to start. The 1990s were a decade full of cool teen fashion. It’s best to stick with styles that were popular at that time. The ’80s were a decade of ruffles, tulle, and other feminine touches, and the 90s were the decade for ruffles.

You can still find a few throwback prom trends from that decade, including huge sleeves. The mid-’90s saw the most popularity of a black mini-dress with a white skirt and a belt at the waist. Some prom dresses even had gloves! Black and white were the most popular colors for prom in the mid- to late ’90s. And for those of us who were too young for that decade, there’s nothing more classic than a white lace mini-dress with a belt on the waist.

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