Abi Ventura

TJ Osborne and Abi Ventura

TJ Osborne, the famous American singer-songwriter and his actor boyfriend, surprised fans by kissing Abi Ventura. They met in a video kissing and have been together since February. The duo have won numerous awards, including vocal duo of year in 2021. TJ Osborne was gay in February. Ventura is a dedicated fan of TJ Osborne and has more than 1,600 Instagram followers.

The full name of Abi Ventura is Abiezer Ventura. She is a popular actor and model, and is believed to be in her 30s. Ventura’s height is five feet six inches, and she wears a lot of jewelry. She is very charming. Although her boyfriend T.J. Osborne is private about his personal life we can learn a few things about him.

TJ Osborne is a well-known couple on social media. Abi Ventura and TJ Osborne’s relationship has made headlines since they came out as gay. The singer has a large net worth, but neither party has confirmed their relationship. Despite the rumours that the two are dating, they seem to be a cute couple. The two are very private about their relationship. They have been dating since February 2021.

TJ Osborne is famous with Abi Ventura. In February 2021, the singer and his brother won the Vocal Duo of the Year award. They then kissed Abi Ventura publicly. However, the two are still secretive about their relationship. Abi Ventura is Mexican and is currently living in Chicago with her boyfriend. So, if the two are romantically linked, the two are definitely worth checking out.

Despite being so famous, Abi Ventura’s love life has been relatively private, but rumors continue to swirl. She is a single mom, and she is not married. She is currently single, and has only a small number of Instagram followers. Abi’s rumored relationship with TJ Miller are just as baffling. Abi is a country singer and her love story with TJ is amazing.

TJ Osborne, Abi Ventura and their partner Abi Ventura came out publicly as gay earlier this year. They attended the CMA Awards 2021 as a pair. TJ and Abi were among the first openly gay performers in country music to publicly admit their sexuality. Abi is also a well-known country singer. The two are openly gay. Why do they have a relationship? We don’t know. Perhaps it’s time for the secret to be revealed?

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