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ADAM 4571 and ADAM 4571L – Fast and Cost Effective Data Gateways

ADAM-17 contains a disintegrin domain that is structurally similar to snake venom disintegrins that act as integrin ligands. Therefore, ADAM-17’s disintegrin and cysteine-rich domains could potentially interact with A5b1 directly and contribute to cell migration through wounds by providing extra traction forces during migration.

To test this possibility, we evaluated ADAM-17’s ability to facilitate cell adhesion and spread in an extracellular matrix environment. Recombinant ADAM-17-Fc supported fibroblast adhesion dose-dependently in this assay.

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ADAM 4571 and ADAM 4571L data gateways provide fast, cost-effective ways of connecting serial to Ethernet interfaces, allowing you to remotely manage devices with RS-232, RS-422 or RS-485 interfaces via an Ethernet network. At transmission speeds up to 230kbps they offer protection of current hardware investments while providing future network expandability – they even seamlessly integrate RS-232 devices without additional software programming! Ideal for security systems, factory automation SCADA applications as well as transportation applications they allow you to fully exploit all advantages offered by an Ethernet network!

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ADAM-4570 series serial device servers are cost-effective data gateways between RS-232/422/485 devices and an Ethernet network, providing existing hardware a seamless way to be integrated into an organization for remote management and data accessibility. They make ideal solutions for applications like security systems, SCADA systems and transportation networks.

With the Serial Device Server Configuration Utility, setting up your serial device server over a LAN or WAN is quick and simple. This utility will detect serial interfaces on your RS-4570 serial device server automatically; its tree structure expands to show individual device names for which you can choose an associated port number.

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Advantech’s ADAM-4570 serial device server is an extremely fast and cost-effective data bridge between RS-232/ 422/485 interfaces and Ethernet networks, enabling your existing devices to easily enter the Internet world while offering remote management and data accessibility features for your RS-232/485 equipments.

Figure 3-2 Network Status LEDs Its The front panel’s Network Status LEDs serve to indicate the status of device servers. Each color denotes specific functions:

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The ADAM-4570 series is a serial-to-Ethernet data gateway designed to connect serial devices over an Ethernet network, offering remote management and data access capabilities for RS-232, RS-422 and RS-485 interfaces.

COM Redirect Function

This function allows the user to easily create virtual COM ports on their host computer by mapping IP addresses of serial device server serial ports to local COM ports on the host machine. Once this mapping has been accomplished, access can be gained for serial devices connected to serial-to-Ethernet data converters through these virtual COM ports on the host computer.

Host Idle Timeout

This setting monitors the connection between device server and host. If it becomes stalled for more than a specified number of seconds, the device will disconnect from its host.

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