Adam Arroyo

Adam Arroyo

Adam Arroyo is the founder of Grandslam Performance Associates, an innovative talent and leadership development firm that subverts traditional serve2perform strategies by helping individuals, organizations, and communities become more powerful through service. Additionally, Adam serves as keynote speaker, corporate strategist, and executive coach.

Over two decades, he has lived and worked in Northwest Arkansas, honing his leadership abilities at organizations such as Walmart Stores Inc, JCPenney Stores, SVI International and Northwest Arkansas Community College.

Early Life and Education

Adam Arroyo (Andrew Macaulay Arroyo) is an American businessman, author, executive coach and entrepreneur with more than four decades of experience. His most noteworthy feat has been founding Grandslam Performance Associates (GPA), an innovative firm which disrupts talent, leadership and executive development industries through their serve2perform methodology.

Adam is also an accomplished violist and composer, trained classically in both. Recently commissioned to write an arrangement for California State University-San Bernardino Symphony Orchestra which will premiere in 2023, Adam will soon compose another arrangement that is sure to wow audiences worldwide!

He is the proud father of two children: Adam (a boy) and Kate (a girl). In his free time he enjoys golf, weightlifting and bodyboarding at the beach – but most importantly being an example for his daughter as well as inspiring others.

Professional Career

Adam used to spend his days helping his family harvest pumpkins from west Texas fields. He knew the hard work required would help provide food for his family’s table.

Adam also worked long hours to put himself through college. Today, he’s an experienced executive coach and corporate strategist.

Adam has earned a stellar reputation as an exceptional leader. With an unwavering commitment to people and Latino talent alike, Adam has refined his leadership abilities while serving in positions at Walmart Stores, JCPenney, SVI, NorthWest Arkansas Community College and Donald W. Reynolds Boys and Girls Club.

Achievement and Honors

Adam Arroyo is an exceptional student both inside and outside the classroom. His passion for science and technology saw him make the Chancellor’s list all four years of his undergraduate career.

His academic achievements can be credited to hard work, dedication, and guidance from professors and peers at UC Merced. Furthermore, he aspires to becoming a professional engineer and will pursue further engineering study at University of Washington Bothwell.

Arroyo excelled not only academically but was also part of a Model United Nations Team which won five awards at its 2014 conference. Furthermore, he served as Phi Theta Kappa officer and received the Coca-Cola Gold Scholarship.

Personal Life

Arroyo was the second female president of the Philippines and former presidential candidate. Born in Iligan on the southern island of Mindanao and raised in Manila, she received an education in international relations at Georgetown University in Washington D.C.

Former member of the Philippine Senate, she is widely renowned for revitalizing its economy and curbing corruption in her nation. Unfortunately, however, her 2004 election victory was marred by allegations of vote rigging.

Her resignation last October came as a shock, marking an era in Philippine politics coming to a close.

She resigned after facing allegations of corruption. While in office, she pledged to reform government and introduce policies designed to assist poor citizens.

Prior to her nomination as vice president, she maintained an extensive social welfare portfolio, visiting each province to bring food and other aid directly to those in need.

Net Worth

Adam Arroyo is an esteemed journalist, author, and producer with an estimated net worth estimated at around $1.6 Million. He lives with Rebecca Arroyo and three children; as well as regularly appearing as an occasional substitute host on Fox News.

His net worth derives from various sources, such as earnings from his career as a journalist, book sales, radio/TV show appearances and interviews from notable individuals like President George W. Bush, Pope Benedict XVI, Mother Theresa, Mel Gibson and Jerry Lewis – just to name a few.

He stands 5 feet 7 inches and weighs around 190 pounds, and currently resides with his lovely wife Rebecca in both Washington DC and New Orleans with their three children.

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