Adam Arunski

Designed by Adam Arunski

Adam Arunski designed this full grain white leather mid top that draws its inspiration from 80s heavy metal music, 90s nostalgia, and traditional Southwestern colors such as copper and turquoise accents to reflect Arizona where he spent his youth growing up. For additional comfort and durability this shoe also comes equipped with a cupsole.

Achievement and Honors

Adam Arunski is an award-winning journalist known for his coverage of major news stories. His work has been noted and highlighted in many publications such as Los Angeles Times, Mediabistro, New York Times and TV Guide.

Adam Arunski is an active philanthropist who annually contributes to various nonprofits, most notably The Jenny Fund which was set up after his niece Jen Gureckis passed away to bring awareness and raise funds for brain cancer research.

As an active individual in his free time, Robert enjoys golfing and traveling to Amish County in Pennsylvania with his family. Both Robert and his wife Beverly are avid travelers and have visited many countries across the globe together.

Net Worth

Adam boasts an impressive and successful gaming empire with a strong fan base. Additionally, he has appeared in some movies and is an incredible talent at what he does; even after his divorce he seems to be doing quite well.

He owns and maintains an enormous compound and headquarters that require continuous upkeep; just this alone would cost at least half a million dollars annually in maintenance costs alone. Furthermore, his merchandise business brings in quite an income for him.

He boasts an impressive gaming company and enjoys a large following on YouTube, with an estimated net worth estimated at $300 thousand – enough for him to do what he loves most: play games! However, keeping up with his personal life is extremely cryptic.

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