Adam Asher

Adam Asher

Adam Asher, an adventurer and broadcast media professional with a strong passion for travel, people, and purpose is the host and creator of The Edge of Adventure: an award-winning video series and podcast which spotlights international humanitarian organizations that inspire him.

Adam is also an attorney, providing legal services for clients dealing with real estate-related business issues. His expertise includes handling disputes over boundary lines, easements, lien priority and deed of trust priority as well as fraud, scrivener’s errors, title defects and fraud issues.

Early Life and Education

Adam Asher is a media professional and humanitarian who hosts and produces The Edge of Adventure podcast/video series to highlight humanitarian organizations worldwide that inspire. With an eye for adventure, purpose, and leading cross-cultural teams across international boundaries he excels at finding adventure in everyday tasks.

He began his career in radio broadcasting while working for an Atlanta station during the mid 1990s. Since then, he has expanded into film and television as well as film festivals and judging panels. His favorite part of his job is watching people and their stories transform their lives for the better. With an ongoing passion for helping others and looking out for what might be next big thing in media productions; hiking, biking and kayaking also keep him occupied! Additionally he holds both a bachelor’s in broadcasting as well as master’s in public health degrees from universities.

Professional Career

Adam Asher is an exceptional attorney practicing in Washington. His expertise, dedication to his profession, and work ethic make him stand out among other attorneys – leading him to be recognized by Super Lawyers 2022 – 2023.

He has an unwavering love of travel, culture, language and people and hosts and creates The Edge of Adventure – an award-winning video series, podcast and film which showcases international humanitarian organizations that inspire – which showcases them. His goal is to encourage others to pursue their goals and dreams through adventurous pursuits combined with purposeful leadership – having traveled all around the globe he believes that travel opens people’s eyes to its beauty while giving them new insight into themselves and life itself.

Achievement and Honors

Asher has established himself as an unparalleled media professional and producer. An adept storyteller with profound compassion for those experiencing hardship, Asher sincerely cares for people regardless of what journeys they may be on.

Ashe is the host and creator of The Edge of Adventure, an award-winning video series, podcast, and film that showcases international humanitarian organizations that inspire. His passion for travel and determination to make an impactful difference in this world can be seen through all his work.

Asher is also part of the Student Philanthropy Board, where he has learned leadership and networking skills that will serve him in his future profession as health care philanthropist and community leader in Eastern Kentucky. He hopes to build hospitals as part of this journey.

Personal Life

Adam Asher is an accomplished attorney known for his strong work ethic and commitment to the legal profession. He offers services related to breach of contract claims, landlord-tenant issues, non-compete agreements/competition claims/shareholder disagreements/breach of fiduciary duty/other issues facing business owners.

Real estate owners, lenders, and title companies retain him to represent them in real estate-related litigation matters such as boundary lines, easements, lien/deed of trust priority issues, fraud allegations, scrivener’s errors or other defects in title ownership. He has an established record in successfully litigating these disputes in court.

Adam takes viewers on an amazing adventure around the globe in his new web video series, The Edge of Adventure, visiting remote corners where extreme beauty meets devastating need and seeking out places with special significance.

Net Worth

The All American actor boasts a net worth of $2 Million. This wealth is due primarily to his earnings as an actor.

He earns money through endorsements and his social media following, boasting over 3.9 million TikTok and 2 million Instagram followers.

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