Adam Bagdasarian

Adam Bagdasarian

Adam Bagdasarian is an Armenian-American writer for teenagers and young adults. His debut novel, Forgotten Fire, became a National Book Award finalist.

Adam Bagdasarian lives in New York City and is the son of Ross Bagdasarian, creator of Alvin and the Chipmunks. Adam is the proud parent of two children named Kaden and Cole whom he dedicates most of his free time towards raising.

Early Life and Education

Adam Armanians was born into Framingham, Massachusetts to Edward and Sherrill Ann Schiff and attended Danville Monte Vista High School before attending Stanford University and Harvard Law School where he received both degrees. However, due to anti-American sentiments he eventually left America permanently.

Adam Armenian’s memoir America: Love It or Leave It — So I Left chronicles why he chose to move to the West Indies after growing up and learning of American society’s problems in recent decades. Since its publication, this work has been translated into multiple languages and even made into an audiobook! Adam armenian also published Ketabe Adam, which has since been released by Khaze Publishing of Tehran as an audiobook edition.

Professional Career

Adam is no stranger to the sporting world; for over a decade he served as head coach of the US Women’s National Water Polo team, earning several gold medals along the way, including one for most wins in an international tournament and two at the 2016 Olympic Games. Additionally, his coaching led his team to world rankings success during tournaments such as World Cup competition. Adam has authored numerous sports-related books; most notable of these is “The Art of Sport: The Making of an Elite Team”, published by Macmillan Publishing House. Adam also published “The Art of Sport: The Making of an Elite Team” published by Macmillan Publishers in 2006.

Adam has achieved notable successes over his water polo career: winning the golden trophy and coaching a gold medal-winning squad, as well as creating what he considers to be the world’s premier water polo game; which continues to evolve today.

Achievement and Honors

Adam is an exceptional student and scholar who has achieved outstanding success in music, arts and culture. He has appeared in multiple film projects as well as music videos including Mase’s “Breathe, Stretch, Shake” and Will Smith’s “Switch.”

Adam graduated with honors from Stanford University and Harvard Law School, receiving both the National Humanities Medal and National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship awards as well as being selected a Harvard Fellow and Phi Beta Kappa Honors graduate.

Personal Life

Adam Armenian was born into an affluent family; his mother Trina is an accomplished photographer while his father, an American businessman, plays an influential role.

Adam currently resides in Los Angeles, California with his family and is both an experienced poker player and author.

Adam’s parents received notification in January 2021 that their son, Adam, had fallen ill with a rare disease known as COVID-19 and, following an intensive series of tests conducted by physicians, an organ transplant in Saint Petersburg was the only way to save his life.

Organisers organized a successful Facebook fundraising drive to raise the necessary amount and conducted a successful transplant procedure on Adam. His recovery has since been supported with both physical and psychological treatment in Armenia and Saint Petersburg – with Adam remaining connected through social media with friends and family throughout both places.

Net Worth

Bilzerian is an accomplished poker player, writer and social media influencer with an estimated net worth of approximately $100 Million and considered one of the richest poker players worldwide.

He is one of only a select few who has ever won $1 Million playing poker and also makes significant contributions in terms of charitable work and political debates.

His father Paul Bilzerian was an infamous corporate raider who served time for fraud. Known for covering up an illegal $62 Million scheme from Securities and Exchange Commission regulators.

Bilzerian moved into an impressive mansion after serving his jail time, boasting features like an indoor basketball court, batting cages, lake-views and more.

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