Adam Bakkedahl

Adam Bakkedahl

Dan Bakkedahl is an American actor and improvisational comedian best known for his roles on FX comedy Legit and Veep.

Dan Bakkedahl began as an improviser at Second City in 1997. Since then, his star has continued to rise through its ranks.

Early Life and Education

American comedian Adam Bakkedahl is an accomplished performer who has appeared on several popular TV shows and films. Born in Rochester, Minnesota to Norwegian parents, Adam went on to graduate with a marketing degree from San Diego City College before working as a realtor in Dana Point.

He has made appearances in movies such as ‘Legit’ and HBO’s Veep’ as well as on CBS sitcom ‘Life in Pieces’ as a regular cast member and guest star, 30 Rock, Curb Your Enthusiasm and 30 Rock respectively. Furthermore, he earned recognition in Chicago’s Second City troupe (ZUMPF is one of their iconic two-man improv shows!) which became an integral part of its entertainment offering at one point in its existence.

Professional Career

Bakkedahl, as an actor, is best-known for his recurring roles on shows such as Life in Pieces, Legit and Veep. Additionally, he has appeared in commercials for T-Mobile cell phones.

As well as his professional career, he also works as an experienced photographer since 2010.

Lindsey Jacobellis and Adam Bakkedahl, who met via Instagram, had an on/off romance for one year in 2016. They spent Christmas together but parted ways sometime later; to date there have been no updates regarding their relationship on social media.

Achievement and Honors

Adam Bakkedahl has achieved much in his career. He has appeared on various TV shows and movies such as The Heat, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, The Office, 30 Rock and Veep.

He is also an extremely successful real estate agent and photographer. A member of Coldwell Banker Reality in Laguna Beach, California.

He finds great pleasure in hiking in the mountains, snowboarding and fishing – as well as reading.

As his senior year of high school begins, he attempts to win over both jocks and nerds with equal results, but this proves unsuccessful. Furthermore, racism remains an issue at school, leading him to decide to do something about it.

Personal Life

Bakkedahl is an American actor and improvisational comedian best known for playing Congressman Roger Furlong on HBO series Veep and as Steve Nugent in FX comedy Legit. Additionally he served as correspondent on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart from 2005-2007.

Bakkedahl began his early career touring for one year with Second City before writing and performing in Doors Open on the Right and ZUMPF, two-man improv shows that became critically acclaimed. But he soon grew disgruntled at being limited by a deal Second City had struck with Sony Pictures Television that limited his work further.

Once he experienced mainstage rejection, he quit, vowing never to return. Instead, he went back to Improv Olympic and performed in Four Square, an offshoot of Zumpf that quickly became a fan favorite among Chicago improvisers.

Net Worth

Dan Bakkedahl, best known for his appearances as Tim Hughes on Life in Pieces for CBS and Veep for HBO as well as Legit for FX, is an actor best known as one of Jon Stewart’s correspondents and comic actors on his former show The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

Born to Norwegian and Swedish parents on November 18th 1969 in Rochester Minnesota. Raised in Stuart Florida until graduating Martin County High School.

He currently resides in Dana Point, California as a real estate agent with an estimated net worth of $5 Million. Among his many hobbies are surfing, soccer, tennis and snowboarding.

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