Adam Baugh

Adam Baugh

Adam Baugh has been practicing land use and zoning law in Phoenix since 2007, when he joined Withey Morris. An adept problem-solver, Adam excels at eliminating obstructions that hinder development.

He supports border security to deter illegal immigration. He rejects sanctuary cities which defy the Constitution and tie police hands, as well as tax relief for small businesses and families.

Early Life and Education

Baugh was born October 21st 1936 in St Louis Missouri and raised in Texas. As an American young Earth creationist he promoted it on television through Creation in the 21st Century on Trinity Broadcasting Network; his scientific claims have since been discredited as pseudoscience by scientific communities worldwide.

Brigham Young University and Arizona State University’s Sandra Day O’Connor School of Law both granted him their law degrees, and since 2007 has been practicing land use law at Withey Morris, PLC as part of his practice of land use law for developers and businesses seeking entitlements from these bodies.

Adam is also active in his community of Gilbert, serving on multiple boards and committees. Together with Jason Morris he hosts the Dirt to Development podcast.

Professional Career

Adam Baugh has been practicing land use and zoning law at Phoenix-based firm Withey Morris PLC since 2007, representing landowners, developers, businesses and neighborhoods before city councils, planning commissions and neighborhood groups to obtain necessary zoning entitlements. Together with Jason Morris (his business partner), Adam hosts the podcast Dirt To Development which can be found here.

He supports strong military forces and providing our veterans and their families with excellent care. He believes America should lead globally, and sees Russia as a threat to freedom and democracy. Additionally, he staunchly backs Israel and Jewish people, is against abortion, and supports parents’ right to decide how their children will be raised.

Achievement and Honors

USA Today described their top 30 scholars as being “brilliant, creative and driven.” Baugh is a development studies major who created his own curriculum; as a result of this hard work he was recognized with three awards including Rhodes Scholarship, Truman Scholarship and Duke Faculty Scholar status – each being Duke’s highest accolades.

Errol has performed on Broadway, regional theatre and summer stock theatre stages. At McKendree he has participated in theatre productions, choir and vocal groups and the marching band productions, volunteering as an actor dialect voice and acting coach as well as volunteering for numerous theatre productions, choir and vocal groups and the marching band productions.

Adam discusses how writing songs helped him find early success in Nashville. Additionally, he discusses his struggles in turning songwriting into a career as an artist as well as working with Cole Swindell and Dustin Lynch on their #1 hits.

Personal Life

He treasured his family, spending time water skiing on Lake LBJ with them as well as camping trips. He had an open heart and was inquisitive about everything around him, while being an avid sports fan himself, participating in basketball, tennis, and golf games.

Adam Baugh was an up-and-coming practitioner with a flourishing land use and zoning practice, having taken on various projects across various sectors and relishing opportunities to build relationships in such an intimate industry.

Adam and Christina Baugh can be found living near three of their sons in Pulaski County Kentucky during 1850 census records. John was their eldest, with William and Harrison/Harmon possibly being their other two sons. Additionally, Adam signed his Revolutionary War loyalty oath from Montgomery County Virginia on 1777 as well.

Net Worth

Adam Baugh has been practicing land use and zoning law at Phoenix-based Withey Morris, PLC since 2007. An adept problem-solver, Adam excels at clearing away obstacles that stand in the way of development. Working regularly with city councils, planning commissions, neighborhood groups and landowners/developers to build communities; his Dirt To Development podcast features incredible stories from industry experts as well as city staff members as well as intriguing community personalities he regularly works closely with all.

He specializes in real estate matters such as workouts and restructuring of distressed real estate assets, joint venture transactions, structured real estate financings, commercial loan originations/asset servicing matters as well as loan syndications/participations structures. He was co-founder of Emet, a corporate and securities law firm; additionally, he’s a member of both the American Bar Association and State Bar of Arizona.

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