Adam Baxter

Adam Baxter

Adam Baxter is an exhilarating folk pop singer renowned for his captivating performances across Canada. His unique musical arrangements and insightfully honest lyrics captivate audiences.

Adam hails from Campbellton, Newfoundland and Labrador where he began writing music as soon as he could read music sheets at age 5. Inspired by his rock and roll father’s music, Adam quickly began creating his own style of folky pop which includes thoughtful guitar arrangements, melodic hooks and smart lyrics which capture Eastern Canada.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

Adam Baxter has worked in real estate for more than a decade. With experience spanning retail and industrial projects, Adam joined STREAM Capital Partners in January 2018 as a project manager.

Adam is an expert at civil drafting, modeling, and visualization and serves as BIM (building information modeling) lead in Fredericton office. Highly proficient with various software platforms, Adam works closely with clients to find solutions tailored specifically for them.

Adam is an entrepreneurial leader with a deep interest in entrepreneurship, business, leadership and marketing. As host of Thirty Minute Mentors he engages one on one with some of America’s most successful individuals – such as Fortune 500 CEOs, household name founders, Hall of Fame athletes winning Olympic gold medals, political leaders and more each week – for 30 minutes to offer guidance and mentorship. Furthermore he has become a top leadership speaker and author with several articles published in major media outlets.

Achievement and Honors

Adam Baxter offers a distinct brand of folky pop songs that combine thoughtful guitar arrangements and honest lyrics, perfectly capturing the music scene in Eastern Canada. Having performed his songs throughout Canada and internationally, Adam Baxter continues to thrill audiences with his unique performances.

Adam is renowned outdoor instructor and an enthusiastic cyclist, regularly exploring Fredericton trails. This year he hopes to cover over 8000 km on two wheels!

Outside his academic pursuits, he enjoys playing guitar and has been performing since he was a small child. Since then he has performed at festivals and clubs all across the country alongside artists like Gordie Sampson, Jim Cuddy, and Sarah Slean.

Personal Life

Adam Baxter faced personal struggles throughout his life. Growing up on a dairy farm with over two centuries-old houses was never easy for Adam; yet family and friends gathered there often to share meals together, celebrate birthdays or simply socialise.

Michael Desiato, an attentive New Orleans judge who recently lost his wife Robin Desiato, devised an elaborate scheme to protect Adam Baxter and evade blame for what occurred in an auto-accident that took Rocco Baxter’s life. To shield Adam Baxter, Michael Desiato has devised lies to prevent Adam Baxter being held responsible.

Adam lives with his father and attempts to conceal the truth so as not to get arrested, however his plan comes crashing down when Michael tells Adam he is actually the son of Jimmy and Gina Baxter.

Net Worth

Adam Baxter is an American actress and producer best known for her roles as Elyse Keaton on Family Ties television show and in A Woman Scorned: The Betty Broderick Story film.

She boasts an estimated net worth of more than $119 thousand dollars, having been married multiple times and bearing two children with each partner.

Robert Lewis Bush divorced her in 1969; shortly thereafter she remarried David Birney (her costar in Bridget Loves Bernie). They shared three children – Kathleen, Mollie and Peter (plus another from their first marriage). Birney divorced her in 1989. Later that same year she came out as lesbian on “Today with Matt Lauer”.

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