Adam Beaugh

Adam Beaugh Net Worth – Digital Marketing Whiz

Adam Beaugh is President at Zignal Labs and an enthusiastic technology enthusiast.

Zignal Labs is an industry pioneer of narrative intelligence solutions used by some of the world’s largest brands and public sector organizations to detect and respond quickly to reputational risks. Their flagship platform uses big data analytics to map media coverage and social conversations in real time in order to identify influential human and automated accounts.

Early Life and Education

Adam, as described in the Bible, is considered the first human. Adam can also be used as a noun meaning “human”, and collectively refers to “mankind”.

He was an enthusiastic individual with a passion for using technology to change lives. Currently he serves as president of Zignal Labs where he oversees its growth.

He earned his BBA in Marketing from Texas A&M University – Mays Business School, reporting directly to Guy Churchward, CEO.

Jenna; Adam; Grayson, Luke and Brooks are his only living relatives; his parents C.W. Swearingen and Susie Hartner Swearingen have previously passed. Additionally, many relatives, friends and extended family members will grieve his absence deeply. We shall all miss him greatly.

Professional Career

Adam Beaugh is currently President at Zignal Labs, making waves in digital marketing with his expertise in media intelligence cloud which gives brands real time monitoring and response capability for potential reputational threats.

Beaugh is passionate about technology and constantly searching for ways to make an impactful statement in his career. From revamping the Governor of Texas website to overseeing digital communications at Jackson Family Wines, his creativity, technological knowledge, and intuitive thinking drive Zignal Labs products and offerings – earning him respect from his peers with innovative marketing approaches.

Achievement and Honors

Adam Beaugh is widely recognized for leading an expanding team of tech gurus at Zignal Labs. As Media Intelligence Solutions Manager for the company’s media intelligence solutions and keeping an eye on current events. Beaugh’s efforts are supported by over 300 employees located both at home in Silicon Valley and San Francisco as well as worldwide partners.

Adam Beaugh has earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Aviation Management from Louisiana Tech University and is now studying Business at University of Alabama- Mays Business School. While in college, Adam Beaugh was honored to join Phi Beta Kappa, serve on campus government’s Executive Committee and receive various academic honors – in addition to writing numerous articles and giving presentations during his college tenure.

Personal Life

Adam is an enthusiastic individual with a strong interest in using technology to make an impactful difference in people’s lives. As president at Zignal Labs, where he utilizes his skills and experience in order to transform communication methods.

Adam is an award-winning web developer and social/digital media strategist, having overseen high profile technology campaigns from their inception, including revamping Governor of Texas website.

Adam is co-founder and Chief Product Officer for Zignal Labs. As such, he oversees their product offering, which allows Fortune 1000 companies and public sector organizations to monitor and respond quickly to reputational risks in real time. Zignal’s media intelligence platform detects and counteracts disinformation quickly while equipping PR/communications professionals with tools needed for creating and executing effective responses that protect their brands’ image.

Net Worth

Adam Beaugh is estimated to be worth approximately $1 Million. He serves as CEO of Zignal Labs and sits on several company boards. A technologist with years of experience working in marketing, Beaugh brings an entrepreneurial edge and innovative techniques to Zignal Labs marketing campaigns he spearheads. His net worth has been estimated at an estimated figure of approximately $1 Million.

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