Adam Belsky

Adam Belsky – Attorney

Adam Belsky is an experienced attorney specializing in class action litigation, intellectual property disputes, business litigation and constitutional law based in San Francisco, California.

Belsky stands out as an exceptional teacher of lomdus, machshava and mussar and also in psak; his mastery combined both Torah with modern food technology.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

Adam Belsky is a prominent attorney working in California who specializes in Class Action/Mass Torts: Plaintiff litigation as well as Intellectual Property litigation issues. Adam has represented clients involved with Antitrust Litigation, Appellate Proceedings, Business Litigation and Constitutional Law among many other matters.

Belsky also serves as president and chief executive officer of Family Ties Home Care, an agency offering in-home health care services. In this role he oversees all operational activities pertaining to policies, daily operations, client acquisition, customer service and client retention.

Prior to founding his own firm in San Francisco, Mr. Boudin worked as the Director of Litigation at Rabinowitz, Boudin, Standard, Krinsky & Lieberman where he handled cases on behalf of foreign governments in the US such as Cuba since their revolution and South Africa.

Personal Life

Belsky is an accomplished producer/director. He has directed multiple short films, such as Love and the Small Print (awarded). Additionally, he co-founded and serves as director for New York-based Beast of the East Productions film company.

As well as his legal practice, Mr. Hoesch also actively engages in pro bono work. For example, he represented Negativland in their dispute against their record company over intellectual property matters that resulted in them regaining many of their recordings’ rights.

Belsky is known for his comprehensive legal knowledge and strong professional work ethic, making him a top-rated attorney. For years he has represented clients facing Class Action/Mass Torts: Plaintiff issues. Licensed to practice in California.

Net Worth

Belsky currently boasts an estimated net worth of more than $29.6 Million dollars and has made extensive trades of Adobe Inc stock in recent years, according to records filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Belsky founded Behance, which was later acquired by Adobe in 2012. Additionally, he invested in Path, Percolate, Warby Parker and Little Bits before co-managing venture firm Data Collective with Brad Ocko VCs. Additionally he established consulting practice Undercurrent which serves numerous companies; his home address in Oak Park California can be found listed as public record information.

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