Adam Beveridge

Adam Beveridge, Founder, Investor and Consultant

Adam Beveridge is an accomplished start-up founder, investor, and consultant. He has collaborated with some of the world’s premier VC funds and accelerators.

Muggeridge and Adam demonstrate great wisdom by not trying to shape Beatrice Webb into an image considered appropriate for respectable social students, and instead understanding her strengths.

Early Life and Education

Adams was self-educated and was known for his insatiable curiosity. He designed and constructed furniture, musical instruments and mechanical appliances – including astronomical devices such as Gregorian telescopes, orreries and Foucault’s gyroscope. Adams also joined the Philosophical Society (later Royal Society) of South Australia where he published three papers in their Transactions and Proceedings.

In 1858, he embarked on an extended tour through Europe in search of amusement and an occupation. As founding members of Chalmers and Stow Memorial Churches and supporters of societies for improvement, these were landmark events for him.

Adams took to wandering after the death of his wife. Traveling everywhere from South Sea islands to Middle East and incorporating themes of medieval tradition versus modern science into his novel Esther (1884), which would later dominate his later life.

Professional Career

Beveridge has been serving in the Air Force Reserves for more than two decades and strives to balance his civilian career and military responsibilities. His private ventures complement the 910th Cyber Services’ mission while creating a training platform for their Mission Defense Teams who defend five core missions of service.

Beveridge’s multifaceted career approach has yielded tangible rewards, such as his successful hosting of a cybersecurity skills competition conducted by Carnegie Mellon but featuring MDTs at YARS. He finds it exciting to watch his platforms work directly with units they support.

Beveridge was elected senior partner and new leader of Shearman & Sterling this year by his colleagues, where he continues to practice litigation and investigations that revolve around “bet the company” matters.

Achievement and Honors

Adam Beveridge has received many prestigious awards and recognition, including being named as keynote speaker at both Houses of Parliament and Start-up Britain. Additionally, Adam was honored by Go: TechAwards, Amazon Scale Up Awards, WeWork Creator Awards and Lloyds Bank National Business Awards.

He holds memberships at the British Academy, Royal Society and Academy of Social Sciences and has published three books and contributed to many peer-reviewed journals.

Bevel, the London based start-up he co-founded, is a premier provider of digital and social media marketing services to brands. Over his tenure he has earned multiple accolades including being featured as a keynote speaker at Houses of Parliament and Start-up UK, in addition to being recognized as an innovator in Digital Marketing by the UK Government.

Personal Life

He was an active supporter of societies for improvement, as well as being a member of both Chalmers Church and Stow Memorial Church, as well as being involved with both Chamber of Manufactures and Destitute Board.

He had an extraordinary interest in science and mechanics, creating several mechanical devices and appliances including Gregorian and Newtonian telescopes, an orrery, and Foucault’s gyroscopes.

He was married for 65 years to Evelyn Hatten and had two sons: David of Punxsutawney, PA and Richard A. “Dick” beveridge from Brookville. Additionally he had six grandchildren including Alayna Carrier, Evan Carrier, Marissa Wilsoncroft, Drew Wallace, Caitlin Wallace and Ryan Domres; also numerous nieces and nephews survived him before her passing. Evelyn Hatten Beveridge predeceased him.

Net Worth

Tito amasses his fortune through his full ownership of Fifth Generation Inc, the producer of Tito’s Handmade Vodka. Based out of Austin, Texas and boasting one quarter of US vodka market share and revenue totalling $1.4 billion in 2020, Fifth Generation holds onto one quarter of total US vodka market sales and has revenue totalling $760 million annually.

Before founding Fifth Generation, Beveridge tried his hand at oil drilling and mortgage lending – though distilling is what made him famous. Aside from producing his vodka brand, he also owns stakes in various professional sports teams as well as running a winery.

At an estimated net worth of $4.8 billion, his estimated net worth places him as the 18th richest Texan and 245th nationally. Other notable Texas billionaires include pipeline magnate Richard Kinder of Houston with an estimated net worth of $7.15 billion which ranks eighth in Texas and 126th nationwide and hospitality mogul and Houston Rockets owner Tilman Fertitta from Houston who ranks 8th statewide and 135th nationwide.

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