Adam Bilter

Adam Bilter is a Businessman and Real Estate Investor

On a recent sunny morning in Goudy Square, children ran freely and happily with no supervision from parents, grandparents or nannies nearby.

Adam and Victoria Bilter are working to restore the space, which once attracted musicians and actual royalty alike – as well as those looking to be seen there.

Early Life and Education

Adam Bilter spent his formative years on a farm near Oswego, Illinois before going on to become a marketing/advertising executive, real estate developer, and hospitality business investor.

Victor and Victoria, his wife, are dedicated to resurrecting Maxim’s. A stroll through its space demonstrates their enthusiasm and commitment to preserving its history by showing plates and silverware that have belonged to former patrons.

Adam, from Hebrew adamah (meaning “earthborn”) is first mentioned in Genesis as the first man on earth and may have inspired the word humanity. According to Genesis, Adam was given the task of naming all animals–an easily doable task which could have been completed within hours!

Personal Life

Bilter has made his mark not only professionally but also commercially. He owns and operates multiple businesses such as LEX Model Management and AFFLUENT Entertainment Group as well as real estate and hospitality ventures.

He and his wife Victoria reside in Chicago’s Gold Coast neighborhood with their young son. Together they are currently renovating an historic nightclub that was once host to numerous celebrities ranging from music royalty like the Beatles and Rolling Stones to actual royalties such as Frank Sinatra and Audrey Hepburn.

Even amid today’s economic struggles, Bilters remain upbeat. Their efforts are bearing fruit with an ever-increasing membership base for their new club; one which could become a popular spot for socialites and celebrities from around the globe.

Net Worth

Adam Bilter’s net worth has been estimated at over $22.3 Million as of 2023. His investments and income come mainly from Datadog Inc (DDOG), specifically its shares which he traded over the last two years, selling 11,002 units totaling $810,847. Additionally, Adam owns multiple real estate properties in Chicago, IL.

Adam Bilter currently resides alone in Chicago, IL in an apartment of his own.

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