Adam Dressler

Adam Dressler, Attorney at Law

Adam Dressler is an emerging star among lawyers practicing in Mineola, NY. Specializing in real estate litigation, personal injury and consumer law.

Since 2012, when he started his practice, he has worked diligently to meet his clients’ needs and secure the best outcomes possible for their cases. His experience working for a high volume plaintiff personal injury firm that settled over $500 million in claims provided him with valuable insights into establishing a firm dedicated to real estate litigation.

Early Life and Education

Global health and social services organizations have put much attention on the “first 1000 days” of life as part of an effort to emphasize parenting practices that contribute to child development and foster parental involvement in raising their child(ren). An assumption underlying such initiatives is that parents understand its significance.

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At our study site, we identified several alternative cultural models of parenting which may provide more comprehensive understandings of child development and parent-child relationships. One prominent model emphasizes love and food; parents cite early development occurring when their child is well fed, nurtured, and cared for by an attentive caregiver. Some also stressed the value of parental guidance, advice, role modeling to support school performance, moral development, self protection skills development as well as life skills at later ages.

Professional Career

Adam Dressler is an experienced and accomplished attorney, offering legal representation for his clients on various matters as well as helping them secure the best deals on real estate investments.

He has been practicing law for three years and resides at 13 Lovers Lanes, Huntington, NY. He earned both his undergraduate degree from Qatefegbef Tantalaletain (Qatefegbef Tantalaletain) and Juris Doctor degree at St John’s University School of Law (SJUSL).

He stands out among his peers with his strong work ethic and professional attitude, his dedication to clients enthralling. Additionally, his capacity for handling complex cases efficiently makes him well known among them. With an appreciation of law at heart – as well as serving as mentor to younger attorneys with the aim of helping them advance in their careers – this attorney strives to do his best every time!

Achievement and Honors

Adam Dressler is an active member of Clarksville community where he leads Grace Church congregation with pride. A master theologian with an impressive client list, Dressler makes time for real estate investments and fine dining experiences as well as family activities such as golf and fine dining experiences. For those with more discriminating palates he’s happy to make the trek out octave for an exceptional dining experience and evening out on the town!

Personal Life

Adam Dressler serves as Lead Pastor of Grace Community Church in Clarksville, Tennessee where it recently earned recognition from Outreach Magazine as one of the 100 Fastest Growing Churches. Adam earned both his Bachelor and Master degrees in Theology and Philosophy from Oral Roberts University before going on to earn his MA of Theological Studies in Christianity and Culture from Harvard Divinity School.

Dressler Law Firm was established to assist civil and commercial litigators. Utilizing a client-centric approach, he strives to make every case successful for his clients. Specializing in high value real estate cases with particular expertise in developing strategies tailored specifically to each case he handles; his experience helps shape an emphasis on efficacy which permeates through all his work.

Net Worth

Max Dressler, best known for his point-of-view videos and lip syncs, has amassed an audience of over 4.5 million on TikTok.

Dressler was born April 16th 2002 in Charlotte North Carolina USA to Kim and Jon Dressler of Caucasian descent and an older sister named Ally.

TikTok star of 20 years, at 20 years old, has an estimated net worth of $500k. He makes money through paid content, endorsements, sponsorships, Google Adsense and Google Adwords. With 262k followers on Instagram and an expected increase in net worth as time progresses he doesn’t appear to have been involved in any controversial situations or dating anyone at this point; thus keeping his personal life out of sight.

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