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Adam Elias – Celebrity Biography

Julia Tishman never imagined when she gave Adam Elias her business card at a networking event in September 2017 that it would lead to their relationship, living together now in Washington DC and being engaged.

Adam became a recognized master goldsmith in 1703 and soon specialized in mounting miniature-like enameled ensembles. Additionally, he sought out new forms and ornaments, introducing French late Baroque arabesques into South Germany.

Early Life and Education

Adam Elias was raised in Worcester, Massachusetts. He attended Como Park Senior High School and was an avid sports fan and cyclist, known for his sense of humor as well as his interest in street art, eclectic music and snowboarding.

Elias earned his Bachelor of International Affairs and Spanish from George Washington University before joining one of New Jersey’s premier insurance companies to represent clients in all areas of personal injury litigation.

Elias is not only a radiology specialist; he also practices his faith as an active member of the Coptic Orthodox Church and speaks Arabic fluently for conversation purposes.

Professional Career

Adam Elias is an accomplished events and entertainment professional with extensive experience. Currently he serves as CEO for WhirlyBall amusement park & event venue located in Chicagoland.

Elias is an extremely driven individual who has worked tirelessly to build his brand and establish himself as an effective leader. He strongly values partnerships and collaboration.

As an avid sports enthusiast, he spent his college years playing in both the National Football League (NFL) and XFL, setting school, conference, and national records while with Princeton Tigers. After earning one Super Bowl ring for their efforts – in addition to some impressive professional accolades in legal community.

Achievement and Honors

Adam Eilis is an internationally acclaimed jazz musician renowned for his critically acclaimed CDs: Standards, For the Moment and Kicks are For Kids which have all seen extensive national airplay.

He has performed at many renowned venues such as Snug Harbor in New Orleans, Jazz Alley in Seattle, The Elephant in Austin and Blue Note New York – among many more! In addition to performing, he is renowned composer.

As well as his academic and musical achievements, he was honored with the Boren Award for 2020-21, a prestigious prize that provides funding to US undergraduate and graduate students to study lesser-known languages from regions key to US interests.

Personal Life

Adam is a lawyer who also owns his own small business – a coffee shop and personal injury practice – originating in Egypt but now living in New Jersey with his wife, three children, and family.

Elias KHOURY’s debut novel is an exploration of memory, silence, and the Nakba, or expulsion of Palestinians from their homes in Israel in 1948. Additionally, this is also a tale of hope and despair; of love lost and found; as well as of all the false starts one might encounter when writing fiction.

The novel begins with an intriguing letter written by Elias Khoury, an Israeli-Palestinian writer Adam Dannoun is unfinished novel being presented to the world in its current state as it stands. The letter opens a window into pain and memory.

Net Worth

Adam Elias is a stand-up comedian, social media influencer, and content creator who has amassed an estimated net worth between $600K-800K (approx).

She is well-known for her hilarious comedy acts which she shares on social media platforms and organizes comedy tours for fans. She boasts an enormous following and has won multiple awards for her incredible acts.

She enjoys an expansive personal life as well, including having a pet dog named Roan and dating fellow comedian and social media influencer, Alexis Sluymer. In addition, she’s proud to be part of WhirlyBall team; having worked on their brand refresh project as well as expanding food and beverage programs over 10 years.

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