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Artist Profile – Adam Field

Adam Field, a Colorado potter, creates functional vessels with patterns and histories in mind using hand tools he either designed himself or altered to achieve this end goal.

Three women — including a lawyer and junior executive — allege Fields sexually harassed them during his time as co-president of Relativity Media. THR reviewed documents substantiating these allegations from bankruptcy creditor lawsuits.

Early Life and Education

Adam Field is a successful studio film producer known for discovering young talent. His discoveries included Uma Thurman, Linda Fiorentino and Wynona Ryder’s careers, helping them establish themselves with movies such as Vision Quest and Great Balls of Fire.

He was instrumental in creating Hawaii’s inaugural tax investment incentives for feature films, while working at Preview Tech before joining PolyGram Pictures as President of Production. Subsequent to leaving PolyGram, Field co-founded his own film company with Jon Peters and produced Ravenous and Brokedown Palace before co-founding another production company and producing both movies independently.

Field is currently living and working as a studio potter in Helena, Montana. His work reflects contrasts of form, function, and environment using traditional processes. Field has learned Onggi pottery through an apprenticeship with sixth generation master Kim Il Maan of Yeoju in South Korea.

Professional Career

Field’s ceramic work marries wheel-thrown and altered porcelain functional pieces with precise incised and carved surface decoration completed during the wet stage, taking inspiration from patterns found in antique Far Eastern and colonial American pottery, Hawaiian tapa weaving, and Zulu basketry.

Well-known in Hollywood, he is best known for creating non-studio films featuring stars like Uma Thurman in Johnny B Good, Winona Ryder in Great Balls Of Fire and Jake Gyllenhaal in Donnie Darko – while also providing state tax investment incentives to film productions.

Relativity hired Fields to mine Harvey Weinstein’s former company’s library and to oversee set production on films such as Bradley Cooper starrer Limitless. But multiple women allege he sexually harassed them.

Achievement and Honors

Adam Field is an award-winning producer known for recognizing new talent. His production credits include John Hughes classics Sixteen Candles and The Breakfast Club as well as Donnie Darko, Kate Beckinsale thriller Brokedown Palace and Kevin Hart’s hit The Wedding Ringer.

Field’s studio practice utilizes dichotomies to represent the complexity of his life. He faces himself the challenge of working with unfamiliar tools until they become an extension of himself.

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Personal Life

Adam Fields is a renowned studio potter with his own successful pottery business. Additionally, Adam enjoys competitive wakeboarding and has won several world championship titles in this arena. Adam currently serves as long-term artist-in-residence at Archie Bray Foundation in Helena Montana.

THR reported on two assistants’ allegations that Relativity Co-President Fields harassed them throughout his five month term as Relativity co-President, including unwanted touching, inappropriate sexual comments and streaming X-rated content onto his phone in public areas within company offices.

Another former senior male staffer of Relativity stated that he and other Relativity employees were frequently invited to Fields’ house parties for industry colleagues, where the executive would often make inappropriate references about sex and drugs during these gatherings.

Net Worth

Adam Fields is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of digital art platform ARTA. Prior to that he ran art e-commerce firm Artspace. Additionally, Adam is an accomplished potter who runs his own studio while teaching ceramics courses as a part-time instructor; furthermore he holds an MBA degree from Texas Tech University.

Fields was accused of sexual harassment during his time at Relativity. A lawyer and two other women — a junior executive and senior producer — informed The Hollywood Reporter they had experienced inappropriate touching, proposition or lewd behavior from Fields during his five-month stay with Relativity Studios.

Prior to joining Relativity, Fields established film marketing company Preview Tech and worked in partnership with consumer electronic stores to air studio and network movie trailers on television monitors in consumer stores. He later sold it in a multimillion-dollar deal.

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