Adam Freede

Adam Freede – CEO and Co-Founder of MadaLuxe Group

Adam Freede is the Chief Executive and Co-Founder of MadaLuxe Group, a luxury fashion distributor in Europe with North American distribution needs for excess inventory.

Adam has implemented growth strategies and infrastructure improvements that have propelled MadaLuxe Group as a leader in luxury goods. His people-first culture has expanded MadaLuxe’s diverse luxury platform.

Early Life and Education

Adam Freede was raised by a Jewish family that had relocated from Germany to New York and instilled with them an appreciation of Hebrew, learning, and culture.

At Harvard University he earned both an undergraduate and master’s degree, later going on to Yale Law School for further study. With vast experience in luxury markets such as fashion tech and consumer goods he now actively invests early stage funds for early stage companies in various sectors.

Adam is derived from two Hebrew and Akkadian words that mean red or “to make”. According to Biblical tradition, his name first appeared as the first man in Genesis 1-5.

Professional Career

Adam freede is an entrepreneur from Seal Beach who has long held a passion for fashion. In 2010, he established MadaLuxe Group and led it to become North America’s largest distributor of luxurious fashion and accessories.

During his tenure, he helped the firm secure lucrative business deals with high-profile brands and retailers that enabled it to gain an exclusive foothold in the luxury market. Furthermore, he played an instrumental role in offering off-price luxury through MadaLuxe Vault concept stores both offline and online.

He also excels at marketing and social media; previously serving as director of digital communications and campaigns at DC SCORES – a non-profit that assists low-income youth develop leadership and confidence through sports programs – was proof.

Achievement and Honors

Adam Freede is the President and Co-Founder of MadaLuxe Group, a global luxury distribution platform. Under his direction, MadaLuxe Group became North America’s leading distributor of high-end fashion and accessories.

As CEO, he continues to implement visionary growth strategies and infrastructure upgrades that reinforce MadaLuxe Group as the industry leader in luxury. Additionally, he has spearheaded numerous strategic partnerships that broaden MadaLuxe’s portfolio.

He is also an accomplished executive and respected industry player, having invested early stage in sectors spanning fashion tech to consumer goods – serving on numerous boards as an early stage investor.

Personal Life

Adam Freede is an entrepreneur and investor. He co-founded and serves as CEO of MadaLuxe Group, a global luxury distribution platform, as well as investing in early stage fashion tech companies.

MadaLuxe claims on its website to be North America’s largest distributor of luxury fashion and accessories, specializing in women’s and men’s footwear from brands like Marc Jacobs, Chanel, Versace and Hermes.

Freede secured lucrative business partnerships with leading brands and retailers to establish MadaLuxe as an authority in the luxury market, expanding MadaLuxe through retail sales channels like e-commerce. He expanded MadaLuxe’s impact through retail outlets as well as digital channels such as marketing.

Recently, he purchased a minority stake in LAFC as the latest local entrepreneur to invest in Major League Soccer’s most valuable club. His expertise lies within sports-related fields like technology, media, investing and e-commerce – among many others.

Net Worth

Adam Freede is the CEO and co-founder of MadaLuxe Group, a luxury distribution platform which markets, manufactures and distributes clothing and accessories from fashion houses. Additionally, he serves as an early-stage investor across fashion tech, consumer goods and other related sectors, such as LAFC and Tequila Enemigo investments he made recently as well as several companies that serve circular fashion industries globally. Lastly, Adam also co-founded People First Capital which invests in high-growth startups that prioritize people and culture over just finances.

Freede is an entrepreneur with an estimated net worth of around $16 million who currently resides in Los Angeles. He is an impressive portfolio of limited partners that possess business expertise at the intersection of sports and high fashion including former YouTube CEO Chad Hurley, actor Will Ferrell, Phoenix Holdings Chairman Henry Nguyen.

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