Adam Knowles

Adam Knowles

Adam specialises in UK and international corporate and commercial matters. He is well-versed in managing complex IT architecture and sourcing challenges and works closely with a broad array of clients.

HFA is an eye-opening work given Heidegger’s ongoing canonization and his open antisemitism as expressed in the Black Notebooks. It provides an insightful contextualizing genealogy of Heidegger’s debts to Volkisch and Nazi sources as well as close hermeneutic reconstructions of Aristotle for readers interested in understanding Heidegger better.

Early Life and Education

Knowles was raised in Fairmont, West Virginia. After attending public schools he entered Phillips Exeter Academy where the academic and social challenges proved intense; these experiences inspired A Separate Peace which has become an enduring classic novel. Subsequent works by him such as Indian Summer and Peace Breaks Out also explored student rivalries at prep schools.

He has published articles exploring the relationship between philosophy and authoritarian regimes, in particular Martin Heidegger’s role as a Nazi bureaucrat at Freiburg University. As part of a Mandel Center scholar residency program he conducted research using unexplored archival material and Heidegger texts from this time to illuminate their links between Heidegger’s thought and Nazi ideology.

As a certified wedding officiant, he enjoys working closely with couples to craft ceremonies that reflect them uniquely. Other interests of his include yin yoga and exploring the intersection between psychotherapy, phenomenology and psychoactive substances like Ayahuasca.

Professional Career

Adam assists both public and private companies on various corporate and commercial matters in both the UK and internationally, such as mergers and acquisitions, private equity investments, joint venture agreements and group reorganisation.

Adam is also an accomplished expert on international tax and employee share schemes, particularly those applicable in the US and Canada. Additionally, Adam serves entrepreneurs, private individuals and family offices on both domestic and cross-border investments.

In 2015, he served as an inquiry fellow and embedded the process into departmental and staff projects at a newly opened charter school. His inquiry work involved identifying factors outside the classroom which influence students’ opportunities for learning inside it; his teaching evaluations consistently reflect their grateful appreciation of his efforts on their behalf.

Achievement and Honors

Knowles has excelled at many things throughout his career – author, professor, lecturer, public speaker, entrepreneur and music executive among them. He has collaborated with numerous artists including Destiny’s Child and Chaka Khan.

His career was met with immense acclaim, culminating in the publication of A Separate Peace in 1959 – an acclaimed novel that dealt with rivalries among students at an elite New England prep school and became an enduring classic.

Knowles was honored to present at the USHMM’s Meyerhoff Lecture series alongside Margaret Jacobs from University of Nebraska and Holly Mackey of Northern Cheyenne Nation and North Dakota State University, discussing power exclusion as well as using philosophy to support authoritarian regimes.

Personal Life

Adam is an expert at providing IT Architecture solutions that assist organisations in moving forward and expanding, taking pleasure in complex IT sourcing challenges and working well in collaborative cultures. Additionally, Adam enjoys frequent trips to Orkney Islands – where his wife’s family was originally from – where his own family has deep roots.

Knowles won wide acclaim with his 1959 novel A Separate Peace, which told of competitive friendships at an elite prep school in New England during World War II. Even today, many high schools still include it on their reading lists.

Knowles explores two dimensions of Heidegger’s “sigetics,” his philosophical politics of silence and Volkisch affinity revealed in his Black Notebooks. Knowles exposes how these currents in Heidegger’s thought aim to close down openness of Being (13). Employing untapped archives materials as well as his philosophical texts, Knowles reconstructs an accurate hermeneutic account of Heidegger’s silence-related texts.

Net Worth

Knowles has amassed substantial wealth through various media and music ventures. He is best known for founding Ain’t It Cool News website and co-founding two Austin, Texas film festivals as well as creating MTV show ‘Obsessed.’ According to estimates, Knowles currently boasts an estimated net worth of $1 Million.

Owen McLennan possesses extensive UK and international corporate and commercial experience, having advised on primary and secondary fund structures, restructures, joint ventures and listings; with expertise in private equity investments as well as fund regulation. Qualifying as a solicitor in 2009 before joining Dentons in 2016, Owen McLennan specialises in funds and investments as well as acting for both public and private companies on various corporate/commercial matters in both jurisdictions.

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