Adam Kwentua

Adam Kwentua

Adam Kwentua, an assistant prosecutor with the 19th JDC office, has been an enthusiastic youth coach and volunteer in Gardere. Additionally, he serves as leader for several organizations such as Fathers on a Mission, Gardere Initiative and Youth Peace Olympics.

Adam strongly believes in keeping communities safe by acting as an intermediary between court systems and communities to offer assistance through education and resources for improving people’s lives.

Early Life and Education

Adam developed into a dependable and caring individual after being subject to abuse from his father. Adam became particularly attracted to Juliette due to her vulnerability and kind heart; believing that she needed protection from bullies.

Adam’s attempts to protect Juliette ultimately backfire, leaving him brokenhearted and frustrated. After accepting that she wasn’t his ideal match, Adam eventually relaxes considerably and begins anew his life.

Adam makes another mistake by withholding information about their monstrous father from James. Eventually, Adam swallows his pride and joins Warner’s army to overthrow the Reestablishment; thereafter he leads a relatively peaceful life at Sector 45’s military base where his concerns for basic survival or providing for his brother have dissipated while healthy coping mechanisms emerge.

Professional Career

Adam has spent five years at the 19th JDC Office of District Attorney where he has played an instrumental role in numerous major legal cases. Additionally, he served as both Southern Regional Director and Louisiana Chapter President of National Black Prosecutors Association.

Adam also actively volunteers his services through Gardere Youth Alliance & Gardere Initiative as both coach and mentor, Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Incorporated membership and speaking engagements such as Youth Peace Olympics or Fathers on a Mission (F.O.A.M). Adam enjoys many hobbies including music, golf, sports travel and his beloved canines – in addition to being proud father of two beautiful daughters!

Achievement and Honors

Adam Kwentua earned Tulane’s Offensive and Defensive Players of the Week awards for his efforts during their 20-17 overtime loss at Army over the weekend. Kwentua registered three tackles, career-best two sacks for 10 yards lost against Army, helping keep Tulane’s defense fourth in Conference USA while being honored as an All-Conference USA First Team selection and part of C-USA All-Academic Team member for this accomplishment.

At present, he serves as Assistant District Attorney with the 19th JDC, Office of the District Attorney; additionally he’s involved with Gardere Youth Alliance & Gardere Initiative coaching the Gardere Saints football team. Furthermore, he served as Southern Regional Director and Louisiana Chapter President of National Black Prosecutors Association which offers education training communication and development of minority law enforcement professionals.

Personal Life

Adam is also an active community member. In addition to his illustrious professional career, Adam serves as an Assistant District Attorney and youth coach with Gardere Youth Alliance/Gardere Initiative; additionally, he belongs to Faith Chapel Church of God and Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Incorporated and is a passionate Tulane Green Wave football supporter.

Adam Kwatua hails from Baton Rouge and has extensive legal industry experience. Previously serving as Southern Regional Director and Louisiana Chapter President of the National Black Prosecutors Association – an organization which promotes cross-disciplinary communication, innovative training techniques and camaraderie among blacks in law enforcement –

He earned his Bachelor’s in Legal Studies of Business from Southern University.

Reach Adam by dialing (225) 921-1700, or visiting the office located at 524 East Jefferson Street in Baton Rouge.

Net Worth

Adam Kwentua serves as an Assistant District Attorney as well as being involved with both the Gardere Youth Alliance (Gardere Packers & Gardere Saints football) and Gardere Initiative as a youth coach. Additionally, Adam is active with Faith Chapel Church of God, Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Incorporated, Youth Peace Olympics Fathers on a Mission (F.O.A.M) as well as various high schools within his community.

As part of his career, Mr. Greenwood has held positions such as Senior Felony Prosecutor with the 19th JDC and Office of District Attorney as well as Southern Regional Director and Louisiana Chapter President of the National Black Prosecutors Association. His work involves fostering interdepartmental communication, innovative training and professional development among law enforcement and legal professionals; furthermore, his primary goal is bridging the gap between court system and community by encouraging minority youths to choose law enforcement as a career option and helping them stay committed in their pursuit of their education goals and career goals.

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