Adam Labs

Adam Labs

Adam Labs provides quality services across a variety of disciplines, spanning coding to robotics.

Research at Adams Lab aims to elucidate neural mechanisms underlying attention dynamics and memory systems. Because these essential functions can become impaired in various neurological diseases and disorders, understanding their function is of great significance.

Early Life and Education

Adam Labs first became interested in nature and travel when he was still young, which eventually evolved into his passion for photography when his uncle gave him a 1968 Nikkormat and introduced him to Galen Rowell’s Mountain Light series of books.

Adams earned both his master’s in journalism and doctorate in public relations from Brigham Young University, where he also served as faculty. Since 1992 he has been active in media as a writer, editor, producer, etc.

He currently holds the title of Associate Professor in Pathology & Laboratory Medicine at the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Medicine and Public Health (UWSMPH), where he oversees clinical laboratories at UW Hospital as well as conducting research in viral pathogenesis, zoonotic diseases and medical countermeasures.

Professional Career

Adam has long been an enthusiast of life science software industry. As such, he knows first-hand the importance of providing customized solutions at just the right moment for specific users and groups – from lab operations to patient care. Adam is at the forefront of deploying solutions which encompass every step in the life science process from laboratory operations to patient care.

Chemical Engineer by trade, he has been at the forefront of some of the most significant advances in energetic ionic liquid (EIL) research. He has taken part in various impressive and technically challenging propellant projects ranging from testing out salt-based monopropellants to formulating one of the most advanced EILs ever developed! Not surprisingly he also holds the distinction of serving on Hero Labs team as CEO!

Achievement and Honors

Students of the Cell and Molecular Biology Department have been honored for their demonstrated accomplishments in lab science. Honors students are selected based on laboratory science skills, academic achievement, and participation in student activities.

Joshua Mansfield, one of this year’s honorees, stands out for his ability to conduct difficult experiments independently across three semesters and also excels at answering new biological questions through designing his own experiments.

Adam Augustyniak, a PHC Mechanical Engineering major, has been chosen for the Lincoln Laboratory research internship program this summer. This opportunity gives top universities’ students access to cutting-edge research.

Adam is part of Aerospace Enterprise, which is a multidisciplinary team working like a company on real-world client projects. Adam currently serves as Structures Systems Engineer on both Stratus CubeSat and Auris Microsatellite projects.

Personal Life

Adam loves spending his free time with his family and enjoys reading sci-fi books and binge watching shows on Netflix.

At the gym and playing basketball are his two primary hobbies; additionally he’s an enthusiastic cyclist and passionate about growing his own food.

Adam works with government organizations to implement the rule of law into government practices while placing humans at the core. He believes in authentic relationships and an unwavering commitment to love.

Adams’ work integrates art, science, and active processes that assist individuals in unlearning dehumanizing actions within organizations while reinforcing humanizing foundations, tactics, and aspirations. His passion lies in helping people make intrapersonal choices that lead them towards living their fullest and most fulfilled life possible.

Net Worth

Adam Labs is a veteran entrepreneur, co-founding Spring Labs – a decentralized network for credit and identity data – while also serving as Co-Chairman of Avant, one of the premier digital lenders.

He has amassed an enormous fortune investing in cryptocurrency assets such as Bitcoin and Ether, as well as holding significant stock in Bitmain, a Chinese mining-chip manufacturer.

His company processes about $200 million daily in trades. His estimated net worth is an estimated of $750 Million.

He is also an investor in blockchain financial technology company Ripple, holding an estimated 6.3% stake and receiving an allocation package in XRP tokens.

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