Adam Panter

Adam Panter – Oklahoma District Attorney

Adam Panter currently serves as district attorney of Oklahoma’s 23rd Judicial District, covering Pottawatomie and Lincoln Counties. He was appointed to fill the vacancy left by Allan Grubb’s resignation.

Panter first gained notoriety for his work on the LA punk scene of the late ’70s, as well as later creating sets for Pee Wee’s Playhouse on Saturday morning TV.

Early Life and Education

Panter earned both his Bachelors in Zoology from the University of Oklahoma and Juris Doctorate degree from Oklahoma City University Law School. Since 2008 he has practiced law in Oklahoma City’s 23rd Judicial District covering Pottawatomie and Lincoln Counties as an Assistant District Attorney before transitioning into becoming first Assistant District Attorney.

He has conducted extensive research into the global impacts of poverty, disease, malnutrition and armed conflict on human health and wellbeing. His teaching specializes in wellbeing and development as well as global public health and social justice issues.

Governor Kevin Stitt recently appointed Hammer to fill out the rest of former District Attorney Allan Grubb’s term, which expires January 1st 2023. Countywide & Sun has reached out to Stitt’s office in search of further details as to what happens when this transition would have taken place in January and the term would have passed off from Grubb to Hammer.

Professional Career

Governor Kevin Stitt recently appointed Panter to finish out former District Attorney Allan Grubb’s term covering Pottawatomie and Lincoln counties. She previously served in the 23rd judicial district office as assistant DA from 2008-2016, becoming first assistant DA through 2019.

He ran for District Attorney (DA) in 2018 but lost to David Hammer, who died July 3.

Before becoming president of Oklahoma City Bar Association in November 2007, he served as an associate at Epstein Becker Green law firm and represented employers in employment litigation – representing them regarding employee relations and policies, investigating allegations of misconduct and organizing training seminars for them in the workplace. He also represents clients in labor arbitrations and unfair competition cases as an active member of Oklahoma City Bar Association where he previously served on its Executive Committee.

Achievement and Honors

Panter’s bibliography features 16 collections of comics, fliers and T-shirt designs as well as his jaw-dropping two-volume PictureBox Books monograph, which should be displayed prominently at every art school in America. Yet his talents and influence reach well beyond these works alone.

Gov. Kevin Stitt recently appointed James Panter to fill out Allan Grubb’s remaining term as district attorney in Pottawatomie and Lincoln counties in Oklahoma’s Seventh District Attorney Office as acting District Attorney, filling up any remaining days left over from Grubb. Since 2019 Panter had served as assistant D.A.

The Port Angeles Education Foundation recently presented eight Port Angeles High School seniors with awards to recognize their academic accomplishment. These annual awards recognize high-achieving seniors who earned 3.5 grade point averages across 9th, 10th and 11th grades while taking honors, advanced placement and college-in-high-school classes.

Personal Life

Panter not only works as a district attorney, but he’s also the mastermind behind SubRosa wine labels. Alongside his wife Nancy he’s an entrepreneur with an incredible passion for both great wine and cuisine.

Panter was appointed by Governor Kevin Stitt to fill out the remainder of Allan Grubb’s term after he resigned amid allegations of corruption and mismanagement. No Democrat nor Libertarian candidate who ran against Grubb won their respective elections; thus Panter was easily selected.

He is the inaugural person to hold this role in Pottawatomie and Lincoln counties’ 23rd Judicial District, and is dedicated to rebuilding public trust in his office. Already, his staff has begun making strides; but much more needs to be done; nonetheless he is an incredibly skilled individual with an amazing career behind him.

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