Adam Pickett

Adam Pickett

Adam Pickett, a senior basketball player for Stuart Hall High School in West Hartford has committed to Winthrop University for further studies.

Adam Pickett has long been an enthusiastic supporter and advocate of the Republican party. Additionally, he is an ardent member of Methodist Episcopal Church who has performed great civic and commercial services within his community.

Early Life and Education

Pikett was an Iowa native who excelled academically by the time he reached his late twenties, receiving both a bachelor of arts degree from Highland Park College in Des Moines and later earning a doctorate at Illinois Wesleyan University in Bloomfield. Additionally, he had a long and distinguished teaching career both publicly and privately.

Pickett received numerous awards and honors throughout his life, yet still managed to remain an attentive husband, loving father, and fierce advocate of the reputation of his family. Additionally, he produced one of the most unforgettable music videos of all time: Monster Mash (not necessarily related to its title song). As of 2015, his net worth was estimated at approximately $3 Million.

Professional Career

Adam Pickett began his professional singing and entertainment career in 1962 by co-authoring “Monster Mash”, his signature tune that poked fun at popular dance crazes.

His voice could also be heard in two Flash cartoons called Monster Slash and Climate Mash which protested US government inaction regarding deforestation and global warming.

After graduating college football, he signed with the Pittsburgh Steelers of the National Football League (NFL). Since joining them he has made two starts each season and been an essential contributor towards their playoff hopes.

He is an adept sales strategist, having helped lead several thriving consumer tech startups. Additionally, he works as part of Accelergy Consulting team with business owners and partners to set them up for success.

Achievement and Honors

Pickett led Florida State to the second round of the NIT and earned All-ACC First Team recognition as a senior. He came within five 3-point shots of equaling George McCloud’s single season school record set back in 1989; finishing fourth all time at Florida State with 194 made 3-point field goals during his career.

Pickett has made himself invaluable this season with his aggressive style and college-ready skills, averaging seven minutes per game while scoring 10 or more points within 15 minutes or less in three of Winthrop’s last four contests.

Personal Life

Pickett has not only distinguished himself in football but is also an accomplished entrepreneur. He founded and serves as CEO of The Pickett Group with an office located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

He owns a fleet of limousines and other vehicles and founded and serves as president of the Pickett Foundation for Philanthropy in his community.

He was also an esteemed educator, serving as an associate professor at the University of Houston School of Theatre & Dance for many years as well as mentoring numerous notable students such as Brett Cullen, Cindy Pickett and Dennis Quaid during this time. Pickett was also an avid sports fan attending games at his local stadium with his wife and friends.

Net Worth

Pickett, who played for the Pittsburgh Panthers and became known for his strong arm and accurate passing abilities, won both the Johnny Unitas Golden Arm Award and Senior CLASS Award.

His guest appearances span television and radio programs. His estimated net worth stands at $6 Million.

Pickett built his net worth through the contract that he signed with a professional football team, earning thousands annually from football career earnings. Recently he signed a hugely lucrative new deal with Pittsburgh Steelers that has allowed him to rapidly increase his wealth and net worth.

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