Adam Pirozzi

Adam Pirozzi

Adam Pirozzi of Santa Barbara property management company allegedly embezzled more than $700,000. He is being investigated on numerous criminal counts related to this heist such as money laundering and elder financial abuse.

Dennis Hoey and Adam Pirozzi reached an agreement where Pirozzi would buy out Hoey’s share in Hidden Oaks Golf Course and the adjacent clubhouse; however, this buyout fell through when the escrow period expired without completion of closing.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

Adam Pirozzi has established an impressive career across multiple industries. Most notably was his tenure at Santa Barbara-based insurance giant Amoco as senior vice president. Other noteworthy appearances were a short stay as corporate treasurer at Bell & Howell; as well as several years serving as CFO at an office tower just adjacent to Santa Barbara cathedral. Awards and accolades earned over time include some worthy prizes in competitions of best errands run, among them several shiny gold bars that remain as prized keepsakes today.

Achievement and Honors

Adam Pirozzi has been honored for his contributions to the media industry. He founded Seed magazine, known for its groundbreaking coverage of science culture and culture as a whole. Seed Magazine earned two National Magazine Award nominations in its design and general excellence categories and now serves as the flagship division of Seed Media Group. Furthermore, Seed has introduced digital platforms and science media brands in order to further its mission and extend its reach.

He serves on the boards of several organizations, such as the US National Academy of Sciences and World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council on Innovation. Additionally, he has spoken at numerous conferences regarding scientific literacy as well as its place within business, politics, and society.

Personal Life

Adam Pirozzi is best-known for his role as Sven in the Broadway musical Frozen. Additionally, he has appeared in movies Martin Eden, Fino ad essere felici and The Hidden Child. On social media he has amassed an extensive following and often shares behind-the-scenes photos from projects he works on.

Pirozzi recently appealed a judgment awarding him over $4.7 million, after being found in violation of his settlement agreement to buy Dennis Hoey’s share in certain assets he owns, such as a 10-acre golf course and clubhouse. Additionally, the court ordered that those assets be sold openly for sale; Pirozzi was sentenced to seven years of incarceration in addition to his entertainment career.

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