Adam Popp

Adam Popp, CFO at Campbell County Health, is a Double-Leg Amputee

Adam Popp, an explosive ordnance disposal team leader with 12 years in the Air Force, experienced hard times during his deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan before being injured by an IED in 2007. Subsequently, an amputation of his right leg above the knee took place as a result of the wounding caused by this explosive device.

Popp is currently studying Rehabilitation Counseling at George Washington University after previously serving as CFO of Prairie Lakes Healthcare System in Watertown, South Dakota.

Early Life and Education

Adam Popp made the Air Force his career of choice after growing up playing soccer and competing in long jump. Enlisting as an explosive ordnance disposal specialist (or bomb squad) in 1997, Adam spent 12 years with them, including deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan.

Popp was severely injured while defusing an IED in Paktia Province of Afghanistan when an explosion caused his right leg to be amputated above the knee, spending one year recovering at Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

Running was brought back into his life for good by 2015 when he organized an EOD Warrior Foundation team to compete in Washington state’s Ski to Sea race, featuring road running, cross-country skiing and biking events. Running in particular – specifically running road – “hooked” him on distance running!

Professional Career

Adam Popp has spent decades honing his professional expertise. Most recently, he served as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at Prairie Lakes Healthcare System in Watertown, South Dakota. Through a mutual connection he learned of Campbell County Health’s opening and will begin on March 20.

He credits the military with helping him overcome his injuries and pursue a path for himself. Now certified as a peer mentor, he provides assistance for fellow veterans with disabilities in reaching their athletic dreams.

He also leads recreational rehabilitation trips for EOD vets that has proven transformative for him and the attendees alike. Additionally, he’s studying rehabilitation counseling so as to be able to help even more veterans through private and VA hospitals.

Achievement and Honors

Adam Popp is not only a double-leg amputee but is a top competitor on the international Paratriathlon circuit, having finished on the podium nine out of 15 races. Additionally, he serves as an inspiring leader to other veterans trying to achieve their athletic goals.

Becoming part of the Air Force Explosive Ordnance Disposal team and serving in Iraq and Afghanistan before his accident in 2007, he won the Pat Tillman Scholarship at George Washington University a year after.

He is currently studying rehabilitation counseling and serves as a peer mentor through the EOD Warrior Foundation. Additionally, he co-founded Colorado Kickers for Kids Endurance Run alongside his wife Kristen in Gillette Wyoming.

Personal Life

Popp now serves on the board of EOD Warrior Foundation as a board member, using his experience to assist fellow wounded service members and serve as an active peer mentor to those recovering and amputees seeking athletic goals.

He earned his MBA at Vanderbilt University and worked as a management consultant at a middle market investment bank before joining EQT Partners in May 2015 to join their energy infrastructure team.

Campbell County Health will gain from his “decades” of health care finance experience. Prior to Campbell County Health, he worked at Prairie Lakes Healthcare System in Watertown, South Dakota. On Monday he started his new role and is replacing Mary Lou Tate and Noamie Niemitalo who left in early May.

Net Worth

Adam Popp was involved in an IED explosion that required him to have his right leg amputated above the knee, forcing him into retirement as an active duty military member. But this setback led him down a new path as an athlete; soon thereafter he started competing in Paratriathlon events; winning numerous races including becoming America’s first amputee participant!

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