Adam Prochaski

Priest Adam Prochaski Accused of Sexual Abuse of Women Over Two Decades

Twelve women allege a Queens priest sexually abused them over two decades, represented by attorney Mitchell Garabedian.

Linda Porcaro, then teaching at Holy Cross in Maspeth, reported allegations against Father Adam Prochaski as sexually abusing seven students at Holy Cross in 1990 to a principal but found nothing done about these allegations by either Father Prochaski himself or by Holy Cross itself. Eventually the priest left soon thereafter while little action was taken by either institution.

Early Life and Education

Adam Prochaski was an exceptionally bright student from an early age. After attending elementary school in Queens and graduating high school in New York City, he went on to study philosophy at a Catholic university where he earned his bachelor’s degree.

Linda Porcaro, a former Holy Cross teacher who spoke out publicly in September 2017 about seven of her students alleging sexual misconduct by Father Prochaski was reported to her principal who laughed it off saying it was no secret and all knew about him. Following this report to a new principal and eventually to the diocese with no outcome taken.

Most of Prochaski’s victims, now between 37 and 50 years old, were Polish immigrants whom he helped bring into America; unfortunately due to statute of limitations restrictions no cases against him have ever been prosecuted.

Professional Career

Adam Prochaski brings extensive geotechnical engineering experience for dam and reservoir projects to both Wisconsin and Colorado, where he holds both professional engineering licenses. Furthermore, he has published multiple peer-reviewed articles covering specialty geotechnical topics.

He has served as first chair in various jury and bench trials. His approach to litigation is pragmatic and collaborative, prioritizing client understanding of legal theory and procedure.

By November 2017, thirty-three former students and one male had publicly come forward alleging sexual abuse at the hands of priest between 1972 and 1994, taking place at school, church, rectory next door to school, client’s homes or Linda Porcaro publicly reported her claims a new principal; when they heard them they laughed at her instead.

Achievement and Honors

In September 2017 a former Holy Cross teacher revealed publicly that in 1990 seven female students told her of Prochaski’s sexual abuse of them; she reported it to their principal who laughed off their allegations by telling her “everyone knew about Father P.” After reporting it again with another principal she reported it again with the Diocese but nothing much came of it; although allegations first made were initially received back in 1994 the priest left soon thereafter (despite still being listed in Directories until 2002).

In 1985 he created the foundation to assist Dr. Zbigniew Religa and his staff, whose remarkable skill in pediatric open heart surgery was being hindered due to lack of equipment and medical supplies.

Personal Life

By November 2017, 34 former Holy Cross students (including one male) came forward alleging sexual abuse by Prochaski between 1972 and 1994, many being Polish immigrants whom he assisted to come to America.

Porcaro believes this decision may have been due to church protection of its priests.

Victims of clergy abuse cannot bring criminal charges due to statute of limitations restrictions; however, they may still participate in their diocese’s compensation program. Since all 15 women who accuse Father Adam Prochaski of abusing them are older than 23, criminal proceedings cannot be filed.

Net Worth

According to whistleblowers and lawyers representing his alleged victims, Father Adam Prochaski accumulated an enormous sum from his career as an abusive Catholic priest. Allegedly attacking at least 15 girls while serving Holy Cross Parish in Maspeth, Queens; physically intimidating them while making threats with God’s power; leaving the church upon being approached by diocese officials but remaining at large without arrest (despite being listed on church’s list of credibly accused clergy). He eventually resigned but continues living near New York despite these allegations against him.

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