Adam Purtee

Adam Purtee – Palmdale City Manager

Adam Purtee is a professor at IPFW in Fort Wayne, Indiana and holds a Master’s in Professional Communication. This article will detail his life and career journey so far – such as current home address or public records that reveal more information. You’ll also gain more insight into his family ties.

Early Life and Education

Adam Purtee was born September of 1984 and currently resides in Toledo, Ohio. At 38 years old he does not belong to any political party and has two children from Katherine Purtee with Justin M Purtee and Margaret R Purtee as brothers and sisters respectively.

Racing for Recovery, an addiction treatment facility founded by Todd Crandall, offers free treatment to Purtee should he ever require it. Police allege he stole an automobile sporting Racing for Recovery logos from a local business and are investigating this incident to ascertain if substances or alcohol were present at the time.

Professional Career

Adam Purtee has been employed by the city of Palmdale as city manager since 2015. He holds both a master’s degree in public administration and certification as a municipal manager. With extensive experience in community services, affordable housing planning, economic development and League of California Cities representation for Desert Mountain Division including membership on Administrative Services Policy Committee and Revenue and Taxation Policy Committee respectively.

Formerly, he worked for nearly ten years with the City of Simi Valley. While there, he helped reduce crime rates while keeping their credit ratings at Aa3 from Moody’s Investor Services and A- from Standard and Poor’s Rating Service respectively; their general fund reserve remains surplus as well.

Personal Life

Purtee enjoys playing sports in his free time and volunteering his services for local veterans and youth programs. He has also joined the League of California Cities Desert Mountain Division Area City Manager’s Group where he has participated on multiple committees such as Administrative Services Policy Committee and Revenue and Taxation Policy Committee.

Purtee is also an active community volunteer. He currently chairs the Racing for Recovery Board of Directors – a non-profit that offers addiction treatment – while being a trustee at Sylvania Country Club with his strong passion for golf. Purtee is married and currently residing at 5910 Woodspoint Dr, Milford Ohio with no political party affiliations.

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