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Adam Radinsky Net Worth

Jackie Radinsky is an American actor best known for his roles on the comedy television series Bella and the Bulldogs and Rhett and Link production video Breaking Bad, as well as for appearing in The Middle School Musical.

He stands 6 feet 1 inch and weighs 72 kilograms, and can be found online with more than 166,000 followers on both Instagram and Twitter.

Early Life and Education

Jackie Radinsky is best known for his portrayal of Sawyer Huggins on Bella and the Bulldogs and for playing Sergei on ABC’s long-running family comedy TV series The Goldbergs.

He began acting professionally in 2011, playing the Boy in a silent film called The New Kid. His exceptional acting skills and charming persona won over producers and audiences, garnering him hundreds of fans all around the globe.

He has been an active user of social media, posting his daily activities and adventures to Instagram and Twitter. Currently studying at Denison University in Granville, Ohio with the hopes of graduating by 2022, as well as receiving acting and comedy lessons from filmmaker Mark Lewis.

Professional Career

Radinsky has had a distinguished and impressive acting career. He has made appearances in multiple television series and musical comedy videos; additionally he contributed his talents to the critically-acclaimed movie ‘Breaking Bad’.

As a youth, he quickly developed an affinity for skateboarding and punk rock music, performing for thousands of fans at stadium concerts throughout his travels across America.

He enjoys his work immensely and takes great pleasure in traveling extensively.

Though he suffered a shoulder injury that kept him sidelined for much of 2018, he has recently found his form again and is working as bullpen coach for the Cleveland Indians. We wish him success with returning to Major League action!

Achievement and Honors

Jackie Radinsky is an American actor best known for his international renown as Sawyer Huggins on Nickelodeon’s Bella and the Bulldogs comedy TV series. Additionally, he has appeared in Rhett and Link production videos Breaking Bad as well as The Middle School Musical.

He graduated from Oaks Christian School, Westlake and has been studying liberal arts at Denison University in Granville, Ohio since 2018. He will graduate in 2020 under filmmaker Mark Lewis. Additionally, Mikey the dog has become his constant companion.

Personal Life

Jackie Radinsky is an American actor who has achieved great fame through his roles on Bella and the Bulldogs, an immensely popular television series. His charming personality and extraordinary acting skills won over audiences quickly; consequently he achieved rapid fame.

Radinsky, an aspiring actor from Topanga Canyon who moved to Los Angeles at an early age to pursue his career. Since then, he has appeared in multiple television shows and become well-known among young people.

Radinsky and his wife have two children. To find happiness, he and his wife have read spiritual and self-help books together as well as implemented habits that have kept them happy in life.

Net Worth

Adam Radinsky is an American actor who has amassed an estimated net worth of over $1 Million USD through a successful acting and directing career. His net worth has grown substantially as well due to numerous film appearances. His net worth can be found estimated as over $100 Million USD.

Jackie Radinsky was born December 23, 1998, in Topanga Canyon, California to Adam Radinsky a renowned attorney and Kelly Andrus Radinsky an actress/photographer/photographer/actress/photographer/photographer/actress photographer/photographer/actor and photographer respectively. Jackie has one sister named Sadie Rose Radinsky who also acts.

In 2018, he began studying liberal arts at Denison University in Granville, Ohio and is expected to complete it by 2022. Additionally, he started up a YouTube channel called Self-titled where he uploads videos.

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