Adam Rocha

Adam Rocha

Adam Rocha is an award-winning video game developer. He has expertise in QA testing, self-publishing and leading PR/marketing for Q.U.B.E series games; currently working as Development Director at Jaw Drop Games.

He is the proud parent of Kate, Teddy and Emme. Their family lives in suburban Pittsburgh where he works as a contractor trying to balance work life with raising their children.

Early Life and Education

Adam is the name given in the Bible to the first human. It comes from Hebrew adam (‘adamah) meaning both “earthborn” and “to come from earth.”

Adam first appeared in the Old Testament to describe a person created from earth by God and has since become associated with both Christianity and Islam as their name for humanity’s first man.

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Professional Career

Rocha began her training for professional wrestling as early as high school and has gone on to compete in both National Wrestling Alliance and New England Championship Wrestling events.

Throughout her career, she achieved success as the PWF Women’s Champion by defeating Mercedes Martinez at Ballpark Brawl IV and feuded with Nikki Roxx and D.C. Dillinger.

She participated in several tag team matches, notably an upset victory against Lacey and Hailey Hatred at Ballpark Brawl IV.

After taking a brief hiatus from wrestling competition in 2022, she returned in 2022 as part of Assault Championship Wrestling and soon found herself involved in an ongoing feud between herself, Mercedes Martinez and April Hunter which ultimately involved Riptide as well.

Achievement and Honors

Rocha, as founder and Executive Director of the San Antonio Film Festival (SAFILM) in San Antonio, Texas is responsible for making SAFILM an internationally acclaimed event. Launched as a video festival with its iconic logo of an angelic figure looking suspicious in 1994, it has now grown into the state’s largest film event.

He has won multiple awards and accolades for his work as cinema instructor at John Marshall High School in NISD, and is also an active member of Leadership San Antonio and the National Association of Latino Independent Producers.

One of her greatest achievements was winning an award from Hermitage Artist Retreat and Aspen Music Festival and School, two valuable partnerships that celebrate new works of art. This prestigious accolade recognizes female composers for their musical performances of the year.

Personal Life

Adam Rocha is the head coach of Saint Anselm Hawks ice hockey team. Under his direction, they have won two New England 10 Championships and made seventeen appearances in the League Championship Game.

He is married to Candace Rocha and they share two sons together: Cheyne and Aaron. Additionally, Michaela graduated from Saint Anselm in 2009 after excelling on their women’s lacrosse team.

They met through an online friend and married in 2021, shortly thereafter expecting their third child.

Net Worth

Adam Rocha is an acclaimed American actor, comedian, singer and screenwriter who boasts an annual net worth of $8 Million Dollars thanks to his career achievements.

Adam Devine is one of America’s highest-paid actors. Known for his roles in Workaholics and Adam Devine’s House Party.

His wife is Behati Prinsloo who boasts a net worth of $30 million. They share two children together. Together they own an estate in Montecito, California where they officially tied the knot on March 2021 as well as another property in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles.

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