Adam Rogowin

Adam Rogowin, VP-Level Media Relations, Chicago Blackhawks

Adam Rogowin hails from Chicago and joined the Blackhawks media relations department as an integral member in 2008. Since joining, Adam has played an instrumental role in helping lead them to Stanley Cup victory.

He currently serves as Vice President of Communications for the Blackhawks.

Early Life and Education

Adam Rogowin hails from Morton Grove, Illinois where he attended Kent School and earned a double major in English and sociology at Connecticut College. Since joining the Blackhawks in 2008 as vice president of their communications department and social media presence manager based out of Chicago Illinois (he currently possesses management level VP-Level), Rogowin has proven invaluable – check out his profile on LinkedIn to gain more insight into this tech-savvy hockey fanatic!

Professional Career

Adam Rogowin has been working in media relations for nearly 10 years. From 2008 until 2019 he was part of the Blackhawks media relations team; prior to this role he held similar responsibilities at Chicago Wolves of AHL where he served as director of media relations for four seasons; additionally he has worked alongside television/print hockey analyst Stan Fischler while attending Connecticut College (where he majored in English and Sociology).

Rogowin has become a significant asset to the Chicago Blackhawks organization since joining their media-relations department as an employee in 2008. When not working, he enjoys blogging about their team while contributing articles to sports publications in his free time. Rogowin and his wife reside in Lincolnshire, Illinois.

Achievement and Honors

Rogowin earned plenty of accolades and awards during his time with the Chicago Blackhawks, including being nominated for numerous trophies and being part of their media relations department that led them to winning their first Stanley Cup since 1949. Additionally, he was honored to become part of American Hockey League’s most decorated club and was among a select group able to attend game day in Boston.

Personal Life

Rogowin attended both Kent School and Connecticut College before graduating with a double major in English and sociology. A fan of the Chicago Blackhawks, Rogowin joined their media relations department in 2008 – helping lead them to their inaugural Stanley Cup championship that year! He spent four years with the American Hockey League champion Chicago Wolves, serving two as director of media relations. Before joining the Wolves, Rogowin served as an intern in New York for Stan Fischler – an expert hockey analyst and publisher of The Fischler Report. Lincolnshire resident Rogowin found special meaning in number 17; during Game 6 of the 2013 NHL finals he scored the game-winning goal after 17 seconds to give Chicago their championship title.

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