Adam Trest Prints

Why You Should Buy Prints by Adam Trest

Adam Trest, a Mississippi artist, is known for his unique style. He studied with Walter Anderson, a Mississippi artist, and then used his skills to create his own works of art. These works capture the beauty of nature and Southern culture. You can purchase prints of Adam Trest’s artwork to display at your home. Here are a few reasons why you should buy prints by Adam Trest. Also, read on to find out about the artist’s process.

Trest was born and raised in the South and draws inspiration a lot from the fauna and flora of the southern United States. Many of his works feature traditional hunts. He lives in Laurel, Mississippi, where he continues to work as a studio artist. His work has been featured in television shows like HGTV’s Home Town. You can purchase a print of one of his paintings from his online gallery, or visit his website for more information.

Mississippi: Lost and Found is a new exhibit at the Mississippi Arts + Entertainment Experience in Tupelo, featuring the art of local artist Adam Trest. A visual journal of his travels throughout the state, Mississippi: Lost and Found integrates the arts and science in a unique way. As they view Trest’s work, visitors will be exposed to Mississippi’s flora & fauna. The exhibit is sponsored and organized by Tupelo’s Caron Gallery, which recently opened its second location at Laurel. The gallery features dozens of Mississippi artists.

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