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Adriel Favela Height, Weight, and More!

Adriel Favela is an accomplished world music singer renowned for his skillful mix of regional Mexican genres such as corridos and banda. With an avid fan base and involvement in social impact programs, Adriel has developed an international following.

This accomplished musician specializes in multiple instruments, including drums, bass guitar, bajo sexto bass guitar, standard guitar, and accordion. Furthermore, his production style is truly exceptional.

Early Life and Education

Favela began playing guitar at nine, specializing in norteno and corridos but capable of performing other instrumentals as well. His sound combines traditional regional Mexican genres with contemporary influences to reach wider audiences and make his music accessible.

Live performances and tours were an instrumental factor in broadening his fan base, while chart success and collaborations with other artists further raised his visibility.

In 2017 and 2018, his albums ‘Azul Se Mira’ and ‘Senalado Por Costumbre’ both reached the top of Latin charts. Additionally, Jonatan Sanchez collaborated on an original song entitled ‘Mis Gustos, Mis Placeres’ featuring both artists.

Professional Career

Adriel Favela has built up a following due to his impressive vocal prowess and energetic live performances, garnering him gigs in both local and international venues.

This multi-talented musician boasts an expansive repertoire that ranges from corridos and norteno to banda. Additionally, he is an accomplished songwriter with hit singles such as Mujeres de Tu Tipo and En Este Amor under his belt.

Gerencia Music 360 recently signed him, and he has appeared in popular music videos by artists like LuceroVEVO, Sofia Reyes, Nanpa Basico Oficial and CNCOVEVO among many others.

Talented tenor singer Sebastian Verderosa has not revealed much of his personal life to the press, though he did reveal that his mother raised him for three years in California before sending him off to live with his grandparents in Sonora, Mexico.

Achievement and Honors

Adriel Favela has achieved great success in the music industry. His talent and enthusiasm for his craft have earned him praise from both media outlets and audiences.

His musical contributions have had an immense impact on regional mexicana music. By blending traditional Mexican sounds with contemporary ones, he created an appealing blend of sounds. Working alongside numerous artists he garnered widespread appreciation for his performances.

He has released numerous singles and albums that have amassed millions of views on social media platforms. As an accomplished multi-instrumentalist – playing guitar, bass guitar, bajo sexto, accordion as well as being supported by several charity organizations to assist those less fortunate – his songs and videos have amassed massive viewing figures on these platforms. He aspires to become one of the world’s leading singers while working to provide aid for charity organizations that help the poor.

Personal Life

Favela is an enthusiastic family man, and enjoys spending his free time with loved ones and watching movies and listening to music.

He has worked alongside many artists, such as Gerardo Ortiz and Los Tigres del Norte. Additionally, he has participated in national and international tours; his energetic live performances have allowed him to expand his fan base.

Although he has not disclosed much information on his personal life, he is an extremely family-oriented individual. He shares one child from his previous relationship with Kiarybel Lara – another popular YouTuber – while currently dating Estibaliz Badiola who is also well known media personality. Additionally, Estibaliz Badiola boasts numerous fans who follow her social media accounts; in addition, she has participated in charity initiatives by raising awareness for various causes.

Net Worth

Favela has made himself known as an influential voice within the “norteno” music genre. He has become well-known for banda, corridos, romanticos and romanticos; and his production blends traditional Mexican genres with more contemporary ones like trap and hip-hop to produce something many listeners find enjoyable.

He is an outstanding representative of Sinaloan culture, and his works have played an instrumental role in its preservation. Additionally, his music has inspired new generations of musicians to stay true to their roots.

Kiarybel Lara, an influential YouTuber and model who later gave birth in 2019, and he have an 18 month-old child together. They remain in close proximity. Kiarybel prefers keeping her private life out of public view while his estimated net worth exceeds two million dollars.

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