Adult Green Machine

The Adult Green Machine

The Huffy Green Machine is almost as big as an adult bicycle, with a low profile and dual joysticks for responsive rear wheel steering. It can travel approximately 400 miles on its 8.5-gallon tank. While it does not have a hand brake or pneumatic front tire, it is a great choice for younger children. Preschoolers should not use it as they will not be able reach the pedals. Because of the water tank, the Huffy H2O only has limited legroom. The rider can still use the adult-sized version for a day out in town.

If you were a child and dreamed of riding the Green Machine around town, you can now own one for yourself. It is similar to the tricycle you used to ride as a child. It measures nine feet in length, with a large 45-inch front wheel – the biggest of its kind, according to Hammacher Schlemmer. The rear wheels are race car-style, and allow the bike to be steered. You can control speed and direction with two push-pull levers.

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