Airbrush Background

Airbrush Background For Colored Pencils

If you’ve ever wished to enhance your colored pencil artwork, an airbrush background is a great way to achieve that look. This workshop is designed for beginners and intermediate airbrush artists alike. Aimee Croteau will cover proper supplies and techniques, including layering, common mistakes, and how to achieve the bokeh effect. Croteau is a recent Eastern Washington University graduate and loves creating photorealistic colored pencil portraits on softened backgrounds.

Before the airbrush, artists used a pastel type crayon to achieve the desired effect. The airbrush made it easier. Stanley invented the first airbrush atomizer. He claimed it could be used to finish pictures in water-colours and india-ink. This innovative technique allows artists to hide evidence of extensive retouching. Airbrush images are used in publishing, advertising, and comic books today.

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