Alexa Bliss News

Alexa Bliss News

WWE fans have been asking Alexa Bliss about her status and whereabouts in recent weeks. The five-time women’s champion has been silent on the WWE’s television shows and has responded to fans’ questions only sparingly. Recently, she said she does not know why she was not brought back to Raw after the Elimination Chamber. Although it is not clear what the WWE plans to do to bring Bliss back to the show regularly, fans can look forward for her return.

Her recent injury has kept her from promoting her return to the WWE. A recent interview with Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter suggests that Alexa Bliss will debut as a babyface superstar when she makes her return to the television. Although he did not reveal the opponent, Bliss may perform at the upcoming Money in the Bank event to regain her title.

The absence of Alexa Bliss from WWE television has been an issue for fans for months. Fans wondered if Alexa Bliss would ever return after she lost to Bianca Belair during a six-woman elimination match. Bliss replied to fans via her podcast Out of Character and said that she was surprised by the sudden departure of the “SmackDown” star. Fans are concerned that Bliss might be cut from the WWE.

The latest craze on social media has also made headlines. Alexa Bliss responded to an Instagram user who was acting strangely by telling them that they had been reported. Superstars, unlike most people, are not immune to strange social media behavior. Bliss is back to the character she was before her association with Bray Wyatt in Jeddah. While the WWE did not provide any information about the incident, it did not deny that it was a case of home invasion.

Bliss is married Ryan Cabrera, aside from her appearances on Raw. The couple were engaged in 2020 but they were able to wed after several years. Her return to the WWE has made her one of the face of the women’s division. Alexa Bliss was a sportsperson growing up. She battled a life-threatening eating disorder and overcame it through competitive bodybuilding. She was part of Triple H’s Wrestlemania match and made her televised debut in 2013.

Alexa Bliss had to have sinus surgery in recent weeks. She was unable to attend the Raw Women’s Championship final episode. Although she has not been able to make an official appearance since Elimination Chamber she has had a significant impact on the company in many other ways. The WWE has had to consider what to do when Bliss returns to the ring after her absence. Although it is not clear when Bliss will be returning to Raw, her return to the company will spark excitement and interest among the fans.

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