Alexa & Katie: New Year’s Eve Countdown

Top 3 Reasons to Watch Alexa & Katie: New Year’s Eve Countdown on Netflix

As the clock approaches midnight, Alexa and Katie share hot cocoa, countdowns, and resolutions for the coming year. Listen to their episode to find out which one will be your favorite! It’s a fun, educational way to begin the new year. You’ll want to listen to it all year long! Here are the top 3 reasons to listen to Alexa & Katie:

Alexa & Katie: New Year’s Eve Countdown isn’t currently available on Netflix USA, but you can watch it on Netflix in other countries. You can access the Netflix catalog worldwide for Alexa & Katie New Year’s Eve Countdown free of charge with a 30-day trial if you’re not in the USA. After you have tried it, you will be able watch over 15 000 TV shows and movies.

The second season of Alexa & Katie has just been announced. This hilarious comedy focuses on the lives of two childhood best friends. Alexa is anxious to start her freshman year at high school while Katie is preparing for a terrifying event. They plan a New Year’s Eve party and decide to make it possible for Katie to kiss Ryan at midnight. They eventually decide to confess their love for each other during the party. Alexa and Katie are best friends through high school. They deal with the challenges of high school as well as the lingering complications from Alexa’s breast cancer.

Netflix also offers a variety countdown videos that are aimed at children. These videos are based on the most popular shows on Netflix. These videos are all brand new for 2018, except for Fuller House or Skylanders Academy. You can access all of Netflix’s New Year’s Eve countdowns by searching for ‘countdowns’ on the Netflix website. These videos are only five minutes long and end with a New Year’s Eve countdown.

Netflix also brings back the popular family-friendly New Year countdown videos to its service. Each year, the streaming service releases a series of family-friendly videos featuring some of your children’s favorite characters. You can watch the videos whenever you want and enjoy the countdown in the style of a midnight celebration! The content will be available at any time of the day and will help your kids countdown to the New Year like they would on TV.

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