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Alizee Height, Weight, Age and Net Worth

Alizee is an accomplished French Singer-Dancer-Voice Actress. Through her singing and dancing career she has amassed considerable wealth.

She is highly trained in several dance forms such as tap, jazz, flamenco and Italian style ballet and was named second in FHM magazine (French edition)’s 2010 Sexiest Woman polls.

She married fellow singer Jeremy Chatelain in 2003 but the marriage ended after twelve years due to disagreements in terms of child support payments. Later she started dating Gregoire Lyonnet and eventually got married on 18 June 2016. They share one daughter together.

Early Life and Education

Alizee was born and raised in Ajaccio, the capital city of the French island of Corsica. She began dancing early on, becoming proficient by age four. She attended Ecole de Danse Monique Mufraggi for theatre and dance training based out of Ajaccio.

Mylene Farmer and Laurent Boutonnat, veteran songwriters who produced her album Gourmandises in 2000 and its lead single Moi… Lolita were responsible for giving her career its initial boost. Moi… Lolita became an international hit across Europe and Asia.

In 2003, she married fellow singer Jeremy Chatelain in Las Vegas, Nevada and they have one daughter together named Annily. Subsequently she competed on reality TV show Danse avec les Stars where she met and began dating Gregoire Lyonnet.

Professional Career

Alizee was born in Ajaccio, France and began dancing at four. She studied dance at Ecole de Danse Monique Mufraggi until the age of 15. At 11, Alizee won an Air Outre Mer coloring competition that enabled her to paint one of their planes; thus earning the moniker, “Girl Who Painted an Airplane.”

Alizee made a conscious decision in 2006 to move away from her provocative image and experiment with various musical genres, leading her to release her album Blonde. Fans and critics alike welcomed this change in persona with open arms; fans had noted their increased appreciation of this album release as it marked a departure from Alizee’s previously more provocative persona.

Alizee continues her musical endeavors by performing at concerts, appearing on television programs, and discovering new opportunities in the music industry. Additionally, she actively contributes to charity work, dedicating time and support for causes dear to her heart.

Achievement and Honors

Alizee has enjoyed incredible success as an artist in the entertainment world, becoming beloved around the globe and receiving multiple accolades and awards for her music.

Gourmandises was her debut album and became a platinum success, signaling an outstanding career path for this young Corsican girl.

She focuses her passion and efforts on climbing, breaking down barriers for female climbers and encouraging equality within the sport. Additionally, she studies Sociology. Jeremy Chatelain is her partner; they live together in a mountain house together where they enjoy each other’s company and find great joy from participating in outdoor activities together.

Personal Life

Alizee is an accomplished musician who has amassed an immense fortune from her musical endeavors. Music accounts for most of Alizee’s income; she also generates considerable funds through sponsorships and advertisements.

Alizee was born and raised in Ajaccio, France and began dancing at an early age. Mylene Farmer noticed her stunning performance at the 1999 talent competition Graines de Star and became her manager.

Moi… Lolita was released as her debut album and established Alizee as a sexualized teenager, but upon releasing Mes courants electriques she underwent a dramatic change, becoming more subdued and modest as an adult. Alizee has become quite fond of tattooing herself with various Disney character images such as Tinkerbell on her back. She married singer Jeremy Chatelain in 2003 but divorced two years later due to their daughter Annily being autistic. Alizee currently dates Gregoire Lyonnet as her significant other half in her journey as an adult artist and is expecting their child Annily’s release later this year.

Net Worth

Alizee has amassed an estimated net worth of $50 Million through her career as a successful singer.

She is known for her work in music, acting, modeling and philanthropy through Les Enfoires charity.

Her early albums featured her in an eye-catching Lolita-like fashion; however, as her career has progressed she has become more modest and family-focused. She was twice married – to singer Jeremy Chatelain and then to Gregoire Lyonnet – and has one daughter Annily; both husbands belong to white ethnic groups; she practices Christianity religion; she was born 21 August 1984 in Ajaccio Corsica France on that date and stands 5 feet 3 inches tall.

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