Amazonian Hair

Amazonian Hair and Braiding

The debate over the style of native African hair and braiding is similar to that about Amazonian hair. Both arguments are rooted in colonizers’ accounts of native hair care. One way to link these two debates is by using a similar method: Amazonian haircut care. Both sides could benefit from a better understanding of colonial and native hair care. Let’s examine these two methods to learn more about each one.

Amazon’s new Amazon Salon, unlike other hair salons, will offer the latest technology in hair care. It will have 1,500 square feet and will be home to trial the latest hair care products. Elena Lavagni is the owner of Neville Hair & Beauty in London and a big fan these new technologies. Although Amazon might not open multiple locations in the future, she hopes to create an online community where people can discuss the latest hair care technology.

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