Amber Alert Atlanta

AMBER Alert in Atlanta

The National Center for Missing and Exploited children and Atlanta police are asking the public for information on a 12-year old girl who was taken from her southwest Atlanta home. Sidney Hepburn is a black male with a braided hair and is 5’6″ tall. He is 135 pounds. He is known to have a tattoo that shows Ashley across his chest, as well as four large stars above his name.

Police in Georgia are searching for two teenagers who were kidnapped from their Georgia homes. Both are 16 years old and call themselves Jeily Castellanos. The girls are believed to be with their father, Melvin Castellanos, who is currently at large. The two teenagers are last seen in a black SUV. Police are urging the public to call 911 if they see the two. The alert is meant to alert the public within minutes of an abduction being confirmed.

The State Police and the Highway Patrol are the organizations that decide when an AMBER Alert is declared. The public is notified via the news media of an abduction via a state-wide AMBER Alert. This includes the name of the abducted person, description, license plate number and other details. Additionally, an electronic LED billboard relays the details of the incident. A cable television emergency alert system also displays the AMBER Alert.

Chamblee police located the two suspects on Plaster Road. Both are charged with statutory rape and interference with custody. Reyes-Hernandez’s mother is also on the case. Ramos may have had criminal records in the past. Caller tips can lead to arrests. Call 911 immediately if you have any information about these men. Call 911 immediately if you receive an Atlanta AMBER Alert.

The AMBER Alert Initiative in Indian Country (AIIC), has been helping Tribal communities to develop their own AMBER Alert programs. An AMBER Alert, unlike other types of national alerts is not an independent program. It must be part of a larger missing persons or child protection program. While an AMBER Alert is meant to alert the public to a child’s abduction, it’s important to keep in mind that it is a crucial component of the child protection system and deserves public support.

An AMBER Alert will appear in the news feed of people in a specific area, and will include a photo and description of the child’s last known location. You can contact the police department if you have information regarding the kidnapping or abduction of a child. A successful AMBER Alert will encourage people to contact the police.

The AMBER Alert Europe network, which includes 42 private and public organizations, works to save missing children. AMBER Alert Europe also helps law enforcement connect with experts and the public. Its philosophy is that no one child is ever lost and it aims to prevent abductions of children all over Europe. AMBER Alert Europe was based on the model of the American Missing Children’s Emergency Response Network. A task force on AMBER Alerts has been set up to oversee the work of AMBER Alert in Europe.

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