Amy Hall Beggs Ok

Amy Hall Beggs, 39, is in a Lot of Trouble

Almost one week after Amy Leann Hall pleaded guilty to killing two of her children and wounding another, she remains in a hospital in critical condition. She has allegedly been shot by a friend, and police believe she was trying to kill a third.

Amy Leann Hall pleaded guilty to killing two of her children and wounding another

During the trial, Amy Hebert, a former teacher’s aide, was found guilty of two counts of first degree murder. She was sentenced to two consecutive life terms. She has been in prison since November 1. She also faces one count of assault with intent to commit murder in Indian Country.

According to the prosecution, Hebert killed her children as revenge against her ex-husband. They said she told her doctor “Satan was in the room laughing at her.” She also said she heard a male voice taunting her on the day of her offenses.

The defense’s theory was that Hebert heard psychotic hallucinations telling her to kill the children. She said she had to do it, or her father would take them.

Hebert also told a doctor she loved the victims. She said she was following God when she killed. Dr. Michael Ahava testified that Hebert’s children were killed. Hebert had more than 30 wounds. Hebert’s body was slashed with a knife.

She allegedly admitted to trying to kill a third

Earlier this year, a 39-year-old Oklahoma woman was charged with first degree murder after she allegedly shot two of her three teenage children in the head. Her attorney has argued that she was simply attempting to save her children from an abusive father.

Amy Hall was arrested after a short pursuit on the road near Okmulgee Lake. Her lawyer hasn’t ruled out a possible plea deal. The Okmulgee County sheriff’s office has yet to release any names of the juvenile victims. However, the teens were all enrolled at Beggs High School, and all three are on the cusp of adulthood.

The shooting occurred at a home about 35 miles southwest of Tulsa. The two boys were allegedly killed while they were sleeping in the bedroom. Their surviving siblings were hospitalized, and one girl remains in critical condition.

A candlelight vigil was held at Beggs High School. The incident prompted an emergency order seeking temporary sole custody of the children.

She was allegedly shot by a friend

Apparently, Amy Hall Beggs is in a lot of trouble. A 39 year old woman has been charged with two counts of first degree murder after shooting her own two children. The oldest was a senior running back on the Beggs High School football team.

The second was an 18 year old. According to police, Amy Hall allegedly shot Kayson Toliver in the head while he was sleeping. The two teens shared a special bond. The friend who was with Kayson at the time of the shooting called the police.

According to police, Amy Hall is charged with the lesser known first degree murder. She is also charged with assault and battery of a fellow inmate. The court has already ruled Hall mentally competent to stand trial.

In addition, Amy Hall was involved in a high speed chase with law enforcement. Hall led law enforcement on a four mile chase before she surrendered. She is currently being held without bond.

She is on life support

Sadly, one of the three teens shot by Amy Hall in Oklahoma has died. Kloee Toliver, 16, died at 8:28 p.m., according to the Okmulgee County Sheriff’s Office. She was found on life support after her mother shot her in the head while she was sleeping.

Hall also shot her 18-year-old son, Kayson, while he was in bed. Hall told police she did it to protect her kids from her husband. When she was arrested, Hall told officers she was trying to protect her kids from her husband’s abuse.

Hall’s parents contacted the District Court for assistance. The court ordered Amy to stay in a State facility until she is evaluated. During the court hearing, Hall’s parents asked for full interdiction. They also sought protective custody.

Amy Hall had a history of mental health problems. She had been treated in private facilities. However, Hall’s condition deteriorated. She was eventually diagnosed with a rare disease. Her condition was so serious that she had to undergo arthroscopic surgery last September.

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