Andrew Dice Clay Spouse

Andrew Dice Clay Spouse

Andrew Dice Clay is a famous American stand-up comedian, actor, musician, and television producer. He was popularized as “The Diceman” in the late 1980’s. Today, he’s still active as an actor and comedian. But is his life with his wife as fun as it was back then? Read on to find out. Andrew Dice Clay’s wife’s name and age. Also, their relationship status.

Andrew Dice Clay was born in Brooklyn on September 29, 1957. He has a younger sister named Natalie Michael. He is a skilled drummer and played the drums in a band in Catskill Mountains during the 1970s. Andrew Dice Clay is American and Jewish. His net worth is $10 Million. His zodiac sign is Libra. He has been married twice to Valerie Vasquez and Kathleen Monica Vasquez. Their marriage lasted ten years. In 2014, they filed for divorce.

Andrew Dice Clay married Valerie Vasquez in 1984. He later divorced her two years later and sued her for breach of contract. The couple shared a $6 million property together. The couple has no children. Andrew Dice Clay is a famous actor and has worked in movies like ‘Rattlesnake Jake’. Andrew Dice Clay has two other wives. His second wife is Kathleen Monica. The couple met in 1992 and were married on September 4, 1992.

Dice Clay’s wife Valerie Silverstein is a former model who divorced him in 1986. She is a Mexican-Italian lady who was born in New York. Before marrying him, she worked as a hairstylist. The two women split in 2002. However, their sons are still together today. It is not clear if they are still married. Read his biography to learn more about his past relationships and personal life.

Andrew Dice Clay’s wife is also an actress. He appeared in Woody Allen’s critically acclaimed film, Blue Jasmine. He was “thrilled” to work on a drama. Clay is also set to publish a book detailing his life. This book will be called The Filthy Truth. Andrew Dice Clay’s political statements have caused him to be banned from some television shows and stations.

Recent reports claim that Andrew Dice Clay has split from Valerie Silverstein. The couple, who married in 2010, did not have any children. Valerie is an actress but didn’t bear the actor’s surname. Andrew Dice Clay’s third wife, Valerie, was Valerie. On March 14, they filed their divorce papers.

Since their marriage, Andrew Dice Clay’s and Valerie Silverstein’s marriage has been a hot topic online. The couple have been married for five years but they are still in love. Valerie is a hair stylist, entrepreneur, and social media influencer. After marrying, she changed her last name to Valerie Silverstein. They don’t seem have any children. They also continue to have a business together.

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