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Who Is Andrew Campbell?

Andrew Campbell plays the role of the narrator on the television series “Pretty Little Liars.” Although he is framed for helping A, Andrew is innocent. He dates the teen-aged Alison DiLaurentis, who is the twin of Jason DiLaurentis. Andrew is also the brother of Melissa Hastings, who is dating the man who framed him.

The series opens with a family mystery: Andrew’s baby brother is a Varjack. The family secret is that Andrew is the same person his big sister is, and the baby would be trying to revenge his mother’s death. Andrew’s identity was further revealed when he appeared on season three. He appeared to confront Aria. The film is about a shadowy figure who knows secrets.

Andrew first appears in Mona-Mania. He informs the other Decathlon members about the arrival of Mona. Andrew votes for Spencer and the team votes for him. After a few episodes, Spencer meets Andrew and they become close friends. They also have an understanding of each other’s motivations. Andrew, however, doesn’t share Spencer’s feelings for Mona, and she refuses to let him marry her.

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