Andy George

Andy George – Superannuation Specialist

Andy George is a renowned YouTube star with life path number 3. He is renowned for his creativity, inspiration and communication abilities.

He is an accomplished film director, having directed films such as The Pony Collector and In Search of Lewis and Clark. Additionally, he directed many commercials for clients such as Ford, Carling and Lynx.

Early Life and Education

Andy George, born under the sign of Virgo in 2015, has made quite an impact online with his YouTube videos of hand-crafting various items. From quill pens and chocolate to paper and gold, an ice-block fridge, eyeglasses (almost), candy corn and obsidian sword – his videos have been viewed millions of times.

At Keele University, he earned a first degree in English, Psychology and Film Studies; later on he went on to receive an MA in Film Studies from Queen Mary. Currently a member of the London Center Board and educator at Stamford Community College, his passion continues to flourish.

He has a deep-seated passion for global education and when not teaching classes, you can find him practicing yoga, tending his vegetable garden or supporting Portsmouth football team. An avid reader, he also loves to travel, learn new languages and discover the world.

Professional Career

George has always had a passion for education, and after working in various roles within the financial services sector, he recently found himself employed as a Superannuation Specialist. George enjoys helping members gain insight into their finances and prepare for the future by providing helpful financial tips.

In August, George launched a major YouTube project entitled How to Make Everything From Scratch. In this endeavor, he takes viewers back to the dawn of civilization to recreate some of our most essential inventions – from flintknapping (making stone tools) and collecting native copper to felling trees in the neolithic style and building dugout boats. All are part of this massive undertaking.

He is a first-chair litigator frequently requested to help resolve complex legal matters, such as fraud, health care fraud and false statements; conspiracy; money laundering; anti-kickback law, environmental crimes, financial aid fraud, tax fraud violations and FCPA violations. Furthermore, he dedicates significant effort into pro bono work that seeks to correct wrongful convictions.

Achievements and Honors

Andy George, President of the National Black Police Association (NBPA) in Northern Ireland, has lived with racism his entire life. But now he can use his experience to assist others who may have endured similar fate.

He provides advice to the National Police Chiefs Council, College of Policing, Independent Office of Police Complaints and Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire Service on matters such as racial equality, system change and police accountability.

He serves as Vice President of Engineering for BrightScope, leading a modern development team. With extensive technology expertise from several renowned companies such as Johnson Controls, he has worked on large global internet applications, highly available enterprise solutions and data management offerings.

Personal Life

Andy George has a heart of gold as a husband and father, as well as an adoring friend to many. He never hesitates to stand up for those who need representation, always speaking up when someone needs their voice heard.

He has served in full time ministry for 25 years, having launched multiple sites, served as campus pastor and is currently Senior Pastor at Crossroads Fellowship in Raleigh NC.

Andy George was born with a life path number of 3, making him an incredibly charismatic individual with the capacity to inspire and lead others.

Net Worth

Andy George is an Emmy Award-winning YouTube personality renowned for his How To Make Everything channel. He’s also a successful entrepreneur and businessman, having generated millions of dollars in revenue through his online videos.

His net worth is $23 million. His life path number is 3.

His wealth is derived from investments, including a stake in FTX, the crypto derivatives exchange he cofounded in 2019. Additionally, he owns shares of FTT tokens and an ownership stake in Alameda Research, a cryptocurrency trading firm.

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